The flat roof greening - contemporary and practical

The flat roof greening is becoming more and more interesting for many house and garage owners with a flat roof. It offers numerous advantages and can be excellently applied in the course of a flat roof refurbishment. However, you must differentiate different flat roof greening, so that not every equally well suited for your roof.

The flat roof greening - more than just a trend

Flat roofs are clearly on trend. This alone shows the growing importance of the term "urban gardening", ie the creation of garden areas on urban flat roofs. Numerous experts and architects attribute a great future to flat roof greening.

In the case of flat roof greening, however, you must first differentiate between two different greening techniques.

  • extensive flat roof greening
  • intensive flat roof greening

The extensive flat roof greening

The extensive flat roof greening represents a greening of the roof with minimal impact. On the roof waterproofing a very thin plant substrate is laid out. On it find grasses and sedum plants.

Plants for extensive greening

Sedum plants belong to the succulents and are extremely resistant and robust. So you get along well with the thin substrate layer. Although you do not usually see a flat roof from above. But if you looked at it from above, you would probably rather assume a "natural growth".

Advantages of greening

Nevertheless, even these plants offer a significant advantage for your flat roof. The microclimate surrounding the building is already being positively influenced by extensive green roofs. Also not to be underestimated is the insulation - sound and heat insulation alike.

Basic and important advantages for the roof waterproofing

In addition, the flat roof greenery also serve as a water reservoir. Rain and meltwater does not even reach the seal. Instead, it is released or evaporated to the plants. In addition, there are the same positive characteristics that bring a gravel packing on the flat roof seal with it. The seal is effectively protected in several ways.

  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Protection against ozone
  • Protection against maximum thermal loads
  • Protection against other mechanical effects.

The intensive flat roof greening

The extensive is opposed to the intensive flat roof greening. However, you can not do this on any flat roof, even if this type of flat roof greening offers the eye an excellent visual effect.

You can equate the intensive flat roof greening with a conventional garden planting. There are also the corresponding plants used. So you can conjure a real paradise from a flat roof.

Not every flat roof can bear an intensive greening

As attractive as the intensive flat roof greening may be for you - above all, it represents a significantly higher weight load on the roof. However, the weight of the greening itself is not enough. The intensive flat roof greening can of course also store a multiple of water. But that also means a multiple of additional weight.

In front of the flat roof greening

If you want to make an intensive flat roof greening, you must first commission an architect or structural engineer with the static calculations. However, even these calculations can cost up to € 1,000 and more. Then you must also pay attention to regulatory requirements. While in some regions it may even be compulsory to plant green roofs, you may need a lengthy permit elsewhere.

Tips & Tricks

Before you carry out a flat roof planting independently, you should absolutely exchange with competent experts. A visit to the authorities also provides clarity about any conditions.

But you also need to pay attention to the underlying flat roof waterproofing. The seal is made before the greening. Of course, you then have to resort to waterproofing systems that are most suitable for greening. In the house journal you will find numerous articles about it.

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