Flat roof accessories are available in a large selection.

A flat roof consists of different layers, these vary depending on the design of the roof. In order for the roof to be complete and optimally protected against the effects of the weather, various components are required. These are available in specialist shops as flat roof accessories.

Optimization of the flat roof with appropriate accessories

A flat roof must not only be professionally sealed, which is usually done with Bitumendichtbahnen. It must have sufficient ventilation and be crash-proof.

Rainwater should be able to run optimally, cables for antennas, solar or air conditioning systems must be expertly routed and the sides of the roof must also be properly sealed.

The accessories for the flat roof include:

  • Flat roof ventilator
  • Flat roof drains
  • gargoyle
  • Emergency Pipe
  • field fortifications
  • fall Protection
  • Snow stop
  • Traufblech

Fan, eaves sheet and gravel catches

Flat roof ventilators ensure optimal ventilation of the roof, emergency overflows absorb excess water when it comes to very heavy rainfall. Gargoyles ensure that the water does not accumulate on the roof, eaves deflect the water into the gutter.

In order for a flat roof for maintenance or chimney sweeping work can be safely committed fall protection is required. Gravel strips delimit the gutter and the gravel substructure and ensure a reliable drainage, a fleece provides additional sealing.

The prices for flat roof accessories at the Internet providers

A roof ventilator made of hard PVC is available at the price of about 25, - €, roof outlets from the same material, there are from about 20, - €. Wall connection profiles are available for 2.10 euros per running meter, polyester fleece costs 1.75 euros per square meter.

  • bst-gmbh.de has a wide range of flat roof accessories.
  • bregu.de has various sealing sets in the assortment.
  • dach-paulus.de also has accessories for flat roofs in its portfolio.
  • wfw-umformtechnik.de is a specialist for roof metal parts.

Tips & Tricks

The choice of flat roof accessories is very extensive. Find out exactly which components are required for your roof.

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