A flat roof is ideal for a shed

A flat roof is often chosen as a roof variant for carports, garages, garden and equipment houses. It is inexpensive and can be built and sealed by a DIY enthusiast. As a material for roofing felt or Bitumendachbahnen can be used.

Garden tools well stowed

Hobby gardeners appreciate it when their gardening tools are housed and ready to hand in spring. In addition to the classic log cabin, which has a gable roof, the modern alternative garden or shed with flat roof is also chosen today.

A flat roof fits in particularly well and also inconspicuously in the garden design, if it corresponds to the style of the main house. A shed with a flat roof, you can build yourself with a little skill or buy a complete garden shed kit. It is important that the roof is well sealed.

Options for the flat roof

  • roofing felt
  • Bitumen roofing sheets
  • trapezoidal sheet
  • flat roof tiles

The prices depend on the size and type of the shed

Decisive for the price of a shed with a flat roof, on the one hand, the equipment of the house itself. A simple shed is available from 400 euros, a flat roof equipment shed in the dimensions 360 x 320 cm costs between 1200 and 1400 euros. It is cheaper if you do the roofing yourself.

  • edingershops.de offers a simple and cheap equipment house with flat roof.
  • weka-holzbau.com is a manufacturer of high-quality garden sheds in various designs.
  • Holzprofi24.de has a large selection of sheds of all sizes.

Tips & Tricks

There is no real difference between the garden shed and the garden shed. They differ only in size or type of use. While one expects about 5-10 square meters of space for a dry shelter for garden tools and furniture, a flat roof garden house with 10 to 15 square meters can already be used as a party house or lounge.

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