The flat roof house allows spectacular architecture

In the 1960s and 1970s, flat roof houses gained great popularity, especially through the bungalows. However, due to the not yet perfected sealing techniques, many buildings were leaking and often had to be extensively renovated again and again. Today, the tightness is no longer a problem.

Optics and glass

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, a flat roof is especially appealing to the "honest" use of the floor space, as the roof slopes are omitted in the attic. With modern skylights, skylights or panoramic windows is also ventilation and light from above to produce.

Architecturally, the construction of a flat roof house rarely uses pure cubic or rectangular cuts, but the building is designed with nested levels. Popular stylistic devices are, for example, integrated terrace levels, protruding cubic parts of buildings or open passageways.

The flat roof house allows spectacular architecture: house

As a material for a flat roof house generous glass surfaces are used, which prevent too bulky and heavy optics. Wall-height panoramic doors and windows are standard and cleverly create the impression of a "glass palace".

Durability and green roofs

The construction technique has developed together with the building materials and today newly built flat roof houses are sealed reliable and durable. The latest generation of bituminous membranes, visually hidden structural angles of inclination and optimized window solutions are equivalent to the durability of other roof shapes.

A special type of flat roof house are buildings with green roofs. In addition to the visual stimuli, such as those created by a walk-in "roof garden", a green flat roof develops very good insulation values ​​and protects the roof surface against large temperature fluctuations.

Provider and costs

  • offers flat roof houses without basement and installation in different price ranges and versions.
  • specializes in square and rectangular building forms in its flat roof houses.
  • has very different flat roof house types in all architectural styles of various prefabricated house manufacturers.

The price for a flat roof house starts for residential areas of around one hundred square meters, including the roof at 100,000 euros and reaches up to half a million euros. The total price for a self-built flat roof house is about ten to 15 percent cheaper, since the roof construction as the roof truss is eliminated and expensive cover materials such as roof tiles omitted.

Tips & Tricks

A flat roof house looks architectonically more sober than a building with a saddle or hipped roof. Exterior materials such as wood panels or frames only partially offset this effect.

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