Flat roof fans provide the required fresh air supply

A flat roof is a popular design for garages, warehouses, commercial properties or even residential buildings. The necessary supply of fresh air and ventilation must be ensured. Flat roof fans ensure the correct ventilation of the premises. The optimal air circulation ensures the function of the roof.

Professional air supply

According to the applicable regulations, each downpipe of a building as a ventilation duct must be routed over the flat roof, this also applies to flat roofs.

The flat roof ventilators form the upper end of the ventilation ducts. Through a flange, they are connected to the roofing membrane. They have an adhesive, welding or loose-fixed flange, which forms the connection to a vapor barrier.

A distinction is made between cold roof fans and strand ventilators. A cold roof ventilator ensures the circulation of the air in ventilated roof structures, which are also recorded as cold roofs. It consists of a fan attachment and a flange as well as the fan cover. Strand ventilators are the upper termination of ventilation ducts of roofs. The material available is hard PVC, aluminum and stainless steel.

High quality flat roof ventilators are

  • loadable
  • resistant to environmental influences
  • resistant to heat and cold
  • fast to install
  • have a connection to the bituminous welding track

The manufacturers also offer fans for living spaces. These can be perfectly connected to the roofing membranes. High rain protection and variable insulation thicknesses are offered. So that in the event of a defect, the complete fan does not have to be replaced, accessories are also available separately.

If the insulation or roof construction is moistened, drying fans are suitable. They are a cost-effective alternative to the demolition of the structure. A new waterproofing system can be applied without having to renew the remaining layers.

The execution determines the price of the provider

A flat roof fan made of hard PVC is available for 19, - Euro, in aluminum version is expected to 25, - Euro.

  • alwitra.de has a wide range of accessories for flat roofs.
  • dachdeckermarkt24.de has a comprehensive range of flat roof fans.
  • Fleckgermany.de offers hard PVC fans.
  • bst-gmbh.de is a supplier of flat roof ventilators in various sizes

Tips & Tricks

So-called renovation fans can be used in the renovation of damaged roof fans. The old fans remain in the roof area, the new one is simply slipped over and no major expansion costs are incurred.

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