Flat shower trays for comfortable showering

In particular, advances in the processing of acrylic materials have allowed manufacturers of flat shower trays to develop super-flat products. Even with an external height of little more than two centimeters, the necessary water drainage inclinations can be implemented. This is also achieved by molded-in drain grooves. The placement of the water drain allows shallower construction methods. If the drain hole is centered in the shower tray, the maximum required angle of inclination becomes flatter because it has to travel a shorter distance than is the case with corner drain models.

Easy sinking of the shower tray creates ground level

In the range of outside depths between 2.5 and 5 centimeters, there is already a large selection of flat shower trays. If the structural surface of the shower has been prepared and the drainage pipe, despite the lower inlet, has exactly the tendency to fall, the shower trays can be used at ground level. So the visual effect of a floor-level shower is given and the entry into the shower tray barrier-free possible. The modern shower trays can often also replace a conventional high shower tray and give the bathroom a completely new look. Both the acrylic materials and the steel enamel are very stable and are protected against possible distortion by additional reinforcements such as glass fiber and polyester resin.

The flat shower trays form a separate product group

Most manufacturers such as Kaldewei, Hoesch, Keramag, Bette, Ideal, EasyDrain or Villeroy & Boch have combined the flat shower trays into their own product lines. The designations such as SuperPlan, Ultra Flat or showerboard all indicate the product shape. While shower trays with a slightly raised peripheral edge reminiscent of the origin of earlier times, almost borderless shower trays visually rather a smooth surface equate. Often, they primarily fulfill the function of being a kind of footboard with anti-slip and water drainage. The cheapest flat shower trays of the well-known brand manufacturers begin with the size of a standard square of eighty to one hundred centimeters lateral measure at just under two hundred euros. Extensive is the product selection for you - even for larger shower trays - from around four hundred euros.

Flat shower trays for comfortable showering: shower

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