Flat steel staircase

A beautiful yet very simple solution for staircases is the flat steel string staircase, which is especially good in modern homes. In most cases, the flat steel string staircase is combined with wooden steps. What is important in such a slim staircase with flat steel cheeks, we show here.

Wangen strength

In addition to the robust wood for the steps, the steel thickness of the cheeks primarily depends on a steel staircase with flat steel. If the steel is too thin, the staircase may hold, but it can swing when walking. This certainly does not give a good safe feeling on the stairs.

gradually mounting

In addition, attention must be paid to the attachment of the steps. Each individual step should be secured to the staircase on both sides with at least two strong screws each. This helps to keep the stairs stable and not swinging.

stages edition

Very cheap stairs have only bolts or thick screws that are screwed through the steel cheek in the wood of the step. You should not buy these stairs. The staircase must have stable welded angle supports, which extend over the entire step depth. At these conditions, the stage is then screwed.

Double security

If the steps are then bolted additionally from the side, this is an additional guarantee for stability, but it is usually not necessary.

  • Steel thickness of the cheeks
  • Edition for the steps
  • Fixing the steps
  • Anchoring up and down
  • possibly additional anchoring of a cheek on the wall

Prices for flat steel string stairs

In addition to the wood quality for the steps and, of course, the length of the stairs, the price of the flat steel cheeks also depends on the price. These must have a different material thickness depending on the step width. With about 15 steps made of solid oak, a staircase with flat steel stringer is between 5,000 and 8,000 euros for assembly and delivery.

Tips & Tricks

If your staircase is right next to a wall, it's always a good idea to screw the stairs there securely. Make sure that the craftsman uses heavy-duty dowels, which may even be attached with mounting adhesive in the borehole. Especially if you have stormy kids, you will not regret this extra step at your stairs later.

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