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Fight fleas: fleas

There are many types of fleas, with most fleas that we humans encounter, preferring an animal host. Human fleas hardly exist in our Western world, they are considered extinct.

If a flea infestation occurs in a pet, it is not just the animal to treat. Rather, you should fight the fleas throughout the house to get a flea-free household in the long term. But before you start a comprehensive flea fight, it should first be determined beyond doubt that they are actually fleas.

When choosing remedies for fleas, many people first look for a way to combat fleas naturally. Fighting fleas without chemistry is the endeavor, but it has little chance of success. Alternative home remedies can help with prevention. If an infestation has already been detected, they will no longer attack the parasites. Since fleas multiply rapidly, they should be quickly identified and then fought sustainably.

Contents: fight fleas

  • Means for the prevention and treatment of flea infestations
  • No exaggerated worry
  • Step 1: Detect fleas
  • Step 2: Fighting fleas in cats, dogs and other small animals
  • Step 3: Treat the environment - fight fleas in the apartment
  • Step 4: Prevent fleas

Means for the prevention and treatment of flea infestations

  • flea comb
  • electric flea trap
  • Seresto collar for dogs
  • Frontline Spot on for dogs
  • Advantage Spot on for cats
  • Frontline spot on for cats
  • flea spray
  • House spray
  • Fogger / nebulizer

Natural defense - without guarantee:

  • coconut oil
  • Amber necklace

No exaggerated worry

Who feeds his pets from the beginning with appropriate preparations from the veterinarian and regularly sucks and washes, usually has no fear of flea.

Should it happen, do not panic. Step by step against the small parasites, then you will reliably rid them again.

Step 1: Detect fleas

It is not so much the fleas themselves that are seen as their faeces and / or flea-stitches. Control your pet if it is scratching more. The clear evidence is not difficult. It is enough to comb the coat with a flea comb and rub the combed out dark crumbs on a wet paper towel. If I then show a reddish brown color, it is quite clearly flea feces. If you can directly comb out fleas (eg in the back of the coat in front of the tail root), the infestation is already advanced.

Is not there a pet, but stings in humans? Flea stings like to appear in small series or in a row and itch strong. They are smaller than mosquito bites. Under certain circumstances, a flea trap can bring certainty. To do this, fill a deep dish with water and a drop of detergent and put a candle in the middle. In the dark room, for example, place on the carpet and after a few hours, see if there is a flea in the water. There are such traps also with electric light source and adhesive pads in the trade. Important: Please place the candle in such a way that there is no risk of fire.

A flea looks like the microscope shot here in the title, but it is brown. The hind legs are much longer than the front ones. He has no wings. He has a very hard shell, so it cracks properly when crushed between two fingernails. Fleas can jump about a meter.

Fight fleas: fight

Scratching may be an indication of fleas, but it does not have to.

Fight fleas: fight

Several stitches in series can be an indication of flea bites.

Step 2: Fighting fleas in cats, dogs and other small animals

Pets should get a flea prophylaxis year round, because even cats can get fleas. Be it on the balcony or on the street clothes of the people. Cat and dog fleas prefer to live on their host animal and moorings. Man only serves them as food source if necessary.

Fight fleas: dogs

Flea collars protect permanently

Therefore, it is first and foremost: fighting fleas in dogs, cats or other pets. If the infestation is already clearly visible, the way to the vet is recommended, as a strong infestation may even be combated with medication. In any case, worm treatment should follow any flea control as fleas often cause tapeworms.

If you have detected the fleas early, treatment with an externally applied remedy for fleas, such as a spot on preparation or a high quality flea and tick collar is often sufficient for your pet. Your veterinarian will advise you on what is the best solution in your case.

However, this treatment must be continued prophylactically consistent and also the environment to be treated. Otherwise, out of surviving eggs and dolls or through a new shot outside, in a few weeks or months, new fleas develop and the whole haunting starts all over again.

Step 3: Treat the environment - fight fleas in the apartment

If the human being is part of the environment, you can rest assured: Fighting fleas in humans themselves is not necessary. However, the apartment, especially the moorings of the pet, but also carpets and upholstered furniture should be included in the treatment.

Fight fleas: fleas

In case of an early recognized infestation, a thorough cleaning, sucking and washing orgy together with a good flea spray for carpets, upholstery, cracks and joints is sufficient. Do not forget to treat the car as well.

In the following months, blankets and baskets should be thoroughly and thoroughly vacuumed and washed. Everything that is washable with at least 60 degrees, should be washed in any case. Always clean cracks and joints with narrow nozzles and dispose of vacuum bags directly in the household waste. Vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners with water filters are of course beneficial in such a case.

If the infestation is strong or even repeats, you can not get around a so-called "fogger", in the worst case, you should even turn on an exterminator. Mist must be used exactly according to manufacturer's instructions. Pay special attention to the hazard warnings and also to the specified square footage.

There are several products of this kind, for example "Fogger" against fleas. As a rule, you and your pets have to leave the apartment for several hours. The treatment is sustainable, which of course means a longer-term insecticidal burden on your entire household.

Step 4: Prevent fleas

The best way for pets to get a veterinarian-recommended flea for dogs or cats as a spot-on preparation (the drug is dripped into the coat every few weeks) or collar.

Fight fleas: fight

Regularly sucking all the places thoroughly helps preventively.

Typically, these agents work against both fleas and ticks and other parasites.

If you have found the right remedy for your pet, you should ensure that it is completely treated. While ticks tend not to be active in the really cold winter months, fleas have season all year round. And especially in the cold season, you feel particularly comfortable in the well-heated home environment. By the way: The cheapest products available in supermarkets are less recommendable.

Note: Living in your household Cat and dog are close together, may they share places and clean each other? Then you should make sure that, for example, your dog does not wear a collar or receives spot on, whose active ingredients are harmful to the cat (Permethrin and Amitraz). In addition, collars should be removed when dogs go swimming, as the active ingredients for aquatic organisms are extremely harmful.

Of course, if you want to fight fleas, you will not expect much success, but there are home remedies that can be flea-repellent. Natural substances that are considered before the occurrence of a flea infestation.

Fight fleas: fight

Wash all blankets regularly at least 60 degrees.

These include especially strong-smelling essential oil. However, the fine nose of the four-legged friends should also be taken into account, because they react, for example, to citrus scents usually not very enthusiastic.

Many people swear by rubbing their animal daily with some coconut oil, others use amber collars, since the tree resin that makes up the amber, also a prophylactic function is assumed. In fact, even among animals, some seem more attractive to parasites than others. So if in one case or another preventative a mixture of home remedies and frequent suction and washing cycles sufficient, anyone who wants to try it with home remedies, try at your own risk.

But please inform exactly. For example, some forums recommend high dog garlic as a repellent (repellant) against fleas, ticks and worms. However, garlic is harmful to dogs and can even lead to severe symptoms of intoxication. In addition, some breeds are particularly sensitive to garlic. So better no garlic for dogs.

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