Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO

Test flexible garden hose YOYO from FITT

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: test

The terms "flexi garden hose", "flexible garden hose" and sometimes also "flex hose" (actually a flexible hose with metal mesh) are basically one and the same - for garden hoses that expand under pressure and thus change their length.

This possibility is to cause the garden hose is smaller when not in use, therefore takes less space and easier to transport. In addition, it is often advertised that flexible garden hoses are not so sensitive to twisting, knotting and kinking.

These characteristics we will get to the bottom and undergo a detailed test of the flexible garden hose YOYO by FITT. We are curious how the extension of the length can be combined with the other good properties.

Contents: Test Flexible garden hose YOYO by FITT

  • The first impression of the flexible garden hose YOYO
  • Flexible garden hose - test of actual extent
  • The flexible garden hose YOYO from FITT in use
  • A flexible garden hose that does not kink or knot
  • Extra bonus multi-jet spray gun
  • Conclusion: flexible garden hose YOYO from FITT in the test

Like almost all garden hoses today, the YOYO is also supplied by FITT with some accessories. In addition to the flexible garden hose also includes a quick connector adapter for connection to the faucet and an adjustable hand shower included. The flexible garden hose itself already has quick connectors with an Aqua-Stop function.

Technical data of the manufacturer:

  • Extension to 30 meters at 3 bar
  • Weight incl. Packaging - 1.7 kg
  • Operating pressure - 1 - 4 bar
  • Bursting pressure - 20 bar
  • Temperature range - from -10° C to 50° C
  • Hose inner diameter - 9.5 mm

Furthermore, the following properties are advertised on the packaging:

  • free from twisting and buckling
  • practical and flexible
  • super light and effortless
  • PVC-free
  • save space and easy to store
  • no leaks
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

5 years warranty sound interesting, as they are certainly not given by the manufacturer without reason. Unfortunately, in our limited-time test, we can not test whether FITT flexible garden hose actually lasts for five years.

The first impression of the flexible garden hose YOYO

The flexible garden hose YOYO was delivered for the test in the length of 30 m and I must confess that the packaging with a diameter of just under 22 cm and a height of just over 24 cm already quitesmall and very light is. A typical 1/2 "garden hose would be much larger and heavier even with a length of 20 m, but it is felt but also more stable.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: garden

The "self-locking" packaging is a bit tedious to open.

Before the garden hose can be inspected and tested by FITT, it must be removed from the packaging, which is not easy and leaves me a bit desperate. At the top and bottom of the jacket are bent strips of the packaging. Among these, the round lids hook in and are held securely. A very simple but efficient implementation that makes packing easier. Unfortunately, the opening is the more difficult because the packaging can be described as "self-locking" and should remain as undamaged as possible for a hibernation of the hose.

After some pressing and bending over of the noses, the garden hose could finally be removed. If the garden hose should be packed again over the winter, then safely without the lid.

The flexible garden hose itselffeels very soft and there are doubts that he is up to the daily stresses. Curiously, the surface is justslightly uneven but not wrinkledwhat could be expected, since the hose should change its length. We are surprised.

Equipped Fitt has his Flexischlauch sametwo quick connectorswhich, after a few tests, also work well with all other connectors, such as Gardena, to make a secure connection. What I like less about it, are the twoAquastop in the quick connectors, As practical as they are, they generally reduce the maximum flow of water and should therefore only be used where they make sense. An aquastop is therefore usually only needed at the end where the spray nozzle or the water sprinkler is connected. I would forgo further in favor of the flow rate and the associated water pressure. But we do not want to be petty, the aquastop can eventually expand but rarely install later.

When removing or opening the quick release but also shows that the passage opening is much smaller compared to standard garden hoses and quick connectors. Even without Aquastop, the flow rate is already reduced.

Flexible garden hose - test of actual extent

We usually promise a lot and therefore we do not want to rely on the information provided by the manufacturer. We will measure exactly how long the garden hose actually gets under pressure. It is already interesting that nowhere is an indication of the original length to be found. Given is only one possible total length of30 m at a water pressure of 3 bar.

Measured were a total of three different lengths:

  1. Length of garden hose without water pressure.
  2. Length of garden hose with 3 bar water pressure.
  3. Possible length by additional pulling (simulates higher water pressure).

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: flexible

Just under 16 m without water pressure

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: flexible

24.2 m at 3 bar water pressure

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: hose

With train easily 30 m possible.

The first measurement of the garden hose results in a length of almost 16 meters, which therefore requires an extension of about 100% to reach the specified length of 30 meters. But they could not be proven in the test with a water pressure of 3 bar. The infrared rangefinder and the tape measure showed in several measurements (hose is due to its own weight sometimes under tension or not exactly straight on the lawn) only lengths of 23 to 25 meters. So at least5 meters missing, According to the house water works are 3 bar and the specified temperature of 20° C is barely reached. Sure, the water in the hose certainly has no 20° C, but should the hose still expand by 5 meters? I doubt it and am a little disappointed. Although this does not change the handling, but if 30 meters are given, these should be approximately achieved.

However, a slight tensile test on the hose shows that there is still room for improvement. If additionally pulled on the hose, he can be quitepull without great effort to 30 meters and can also be used at this distance. But unfortunately only by additional effort and not, as indicated solely by the water pressure.

To make the change in length clear, the following images were also created.

  1. On picture 1 are two photos of the flexible garden hose on top of each other - the camera or the garden hose were not moved here. The red hose shows the YOYO from FITT without pressure. He was just rolled up and laid on the lawn. After applying the water pressure, he expanded and there was the second photo, on which the tube was colored blue for better visibility. It is the same hose that was not moved by any means. This makes it clear what space savings a flexible garden hose offers.
  2. For picture 2, the flexible garden hose was designed without pressure and pulled straight. Under pressure, he grew longer and sought his place. This is how the serpentine lines came to be.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: flexible

Change under pressure: Red - no pressure / blue under pressure

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: garden

The tube was pressureless and just under pressure, it is longer.

The flexible garden hose YOYO from FITT in use

If you buy a garden hose with a specified length of 30 meters, you have a hose with a usable length of 30 meters. Not correct! At least with flexible garden hoses. Apart from the fact that here the specified length is only reached when water pressure is concerned, this is still not the actual usable length. The moment you open your spray gun and water can more or less escape, the pressure in the water hose drops and the flexible water hose contracts again. Not so that the spray gun is torn out of your hand, but the change in length is noticeable and visible.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: test

Unbelievable, that's a 30 m (test 25 m) garden hose.

If you want to fill your pool, which is 20 meters away and use a flexible garden hose with a specified length of 30 meters, you will experience a nasty surprise. After removing the spray nozzle (without Aqua Stop), the water can escape easily and the pressure in the hose drops to almost 0 bar. The flexible hose takes its original length of about 15 meters and pulls out of the pool 20 meters away. This clearly defines the field of application of a flexible garden hose or all flexible garden hoses.

The YOYO by FITT is opposite a standard garden hoseextremely light, thinner and also takes less space due to the change in length, Therefore, its advantage lies mainly in flexibility and easy transportation. It is ideal for watering flowers as it does not kink and cause no knots. After use, it can be easily rolled up and stowed away. For applications where it remains permanently or where larger amounts of water are needed, it is in contrast unsuitable. The very thin hose and the taper on the quick connectors allow only a limited amount of water and the performance of the water sprinkler is significantly reduced. In addition, the total length shortens again with a water flow without pressure build-up.

A flexible garden hose that does not kink or knot

Who does not know: No matter what trouble you take with the water hose, somewhere it twists, kinks and there is no more water. That's why the promise sounds"Free from twists and distortions" simply fantastic. Should that work with such a soft hose? Should the hose not be much more stable so that it can not bend? No, he would not, because the soft material prevents kinks. When trying to bend a straw, it becomes apparent that more stable materials tend to buckle rather than soft ones.

Whether the flexible garden hose by FITT actually prevents kinking, knots and tangling is tested in a typical application. For this I have the hose normally wound into a ring, placed on the lawn and pulled at one end. Clearly, a knot is a knot and it never dissolves by itself, but as long as it's not a "real knot", the YOYO can actually be pulled and pulled out of the pile. If something has actually twisted a little bit and does not dissolve immediately, it is enough to lift the hose slightly and shake it. Then the entanglements dissolve and the hose can be pulled on. Easyfascinating and no empty promises.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: fitt

Just pull and there are no kinks.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: hose

Tangles can be easily shaken off.

Extra bonus multi-jet spray gun

That garden hoses in a finished length today are equipped with accessories such as quick connectors or spray guns, is actually normal and nothing special anymore. And I must also confess that my first thought about FITT's spray gun included the word "cheap". It is extremely light and the plastic does not feel very high quality. But ok, mainly the flexible garden hose was bought, the spray gun is an addition and good costs individually like as much as a complete garden hose. Therefore, we forget the prejudices and connect the multi-jet spray gun to the garden hose.

The operation of the spray gun is quite simple and clearly different from others. These usually have a pistol grip with "trigger", which can be easily and intuitively operated, but in many cases must be pressed permanently. The spray gun from FITT does not have the typical "trigger" and instead has a small slide that is pushed forward to open with your thumb. At the same time this is aDosing of the amount of water possible, where the slider stops in its position without an extra lock. Thus, the FITT spray gun stands out clearly from many models, which rarely have an adjustable lock and if, then additionally with a thumbscrew must be adjusted. The initially cheap acting spray gun begins to please.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: flexible

Dampenable shower

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: hose

Spot beam with good range

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: garden

Atomizer for light irrigation

The spray gun is nicknamed "Multistrahl", but remains in the possible beam variants but very manageable. Only availablean adjustable shower, a spot jet and an atomizer, But when I think of my otherwise used multi-jet spray gun, which actually deserves the name with nine variants, I use of the available options, just the shower for pouring and the spot beam to clean something. In view of the low weight of the flexible garden hose, it makes sense to make the spray gun as easy and to renounce endless adjustment possibilities. Here to integrate less adjustment is therefore good and right in my view.

Although the multi-jet spray gun from FITT still does not have a high-quality effect, the very light construction makes sense and the adjustment options are absolutely sufficient. Overall, the spray gun then pleases quite well and one should not forget that the manufacturer FITT granted on this 5-year warranty.

Conclusion: flexible garden hose YOYO from FITT in the test

There are many different types of flexible garden hoses and some even promise an extension to three times the original length. FITT's YOYO is "only" twice the length. Nevertheless, the flexible garden hose stands out in the test from the competition. These usually have a wavy coat, which has many folds in the outer skin when contracted. This reduces the space saved and, above all, offers room for dirt. Not so with YOYO by FITT - even when shortened, it has a relatively smooth surface, making it easy to clean and fold.

Flexible Garden Hose Test: FITT YOYO: flexible


The flexible garden hose by FITT expands under pressure and thus increases the range. The smooth surface and the flexibility prevent the hose from kinking or knotting. If it is rolled up on the floor, it only needs to be pulled on one end and the flexible garden hose unravels almost independently. Rolled up, it is light, handy and easy to transport or stow away.

As a bonus to the garden hose is a simple but quite practical multi-jet spray gun with three Strahvarianten. It is particularly light and offers in its scope sufficient possibilities to be prepared for daily applications in the garden.


Due to the function of the rather thin flexible garden hose is not suitable for large amounts of water. The small diameter of the hose and thus the quick connector significantly reduces the flow rate.

Specified is the YOYO by FITT with a length of 30 meters, which were not reached in the test. For this unfortunately a star must be deducted from the otherwise almost perfect test result. If 30 m are indicated on the packaging, these should also be achieved. But even with the shorter length of the garden hose, it offers many advantages over a typical rigid garden hose, so it still receives our fullest purchase recommendation. It is a pity that the last star was given away because of the not reached total length.

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