Make liquid screed yourself

It always raises the question of whether you can do self-leveling screed. The answer is yes - but with restrictions. In any case, you need a screed machine, enough helper and as much experience as possible - the installation of floating screed is a matter of enormous time pressure, nothing should go wrong here, there is simply no time for mistakes.

What you have to pay attention to when making your floor screed yourself

Without a screed machine - or at least a plastering machine in very small rooms - hardly anything can be aligned in the rule. Above all, stirring in buckets simply does not work in practice, because on the one hand the stirring times have to be exactly the same, on the other hand, the mixing must be perfect. This requires already in a screed machine, that you bring entprechende experience with buckets and whisk, it is in practice even in small spaces hardly feasible. In addition, you must make sure that the floor is perfectly prepared - the PE film, better paper thickness, which is above insulation and impact sound insulation must be absolutely tight and wrinkle-free, even under the edge insulation strip. They have to be attached very precisely. The smallest mistake here leads to defects on the screed, which can often only be remedied with hindsight.

Rule number one: speedy work

The inserted floating screed must be processed quickly, that is schwabbelelt. If it stops too long at one point, it can form clutches that can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the screed and cause damage. In order to be able to work really quickly, you should also not consider the number of helpers too short. Make sure that you always keep up with the flow rate. Everything has to be ready before putting in, and every helper in place. In practice, this is exactly where the most mistakes and shortcomings occur time and again. With a little experience and skill you can do the floating screed yourself in smaller rooms.

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