Clean Flokati carpet once or twice a year

If you like the Flokati rugs made from Greek shepherd's rugs, you have a dirt trap on the floor. In addition to a certain consideration when entering, with street shoes should be excluded, the occasional cleaning and washing is less expensive than is often feared.

Treatment and maintenance

A cozy flokati is made of new wool, which forms the characteristic fringed chaos in long fluff. Both the virgin wool itself is sensitive and the structure of the long-pile surface. In order to avoid unnecessary soiling and to keep the cleaning to an acceptable level, the following advice should be followed:

  • Entering with street shoes is taboo
  • Immediately absorb loose dirt with a long-pile nozzle
  • Immediately dab off liquid dirt with a rag
  • Keep away moisture and moisture

Those who follow this advice will get along with a basic cleaning of a flocci about twice a year.

Use gentle means dabbing

When removing stains, only gentle cleaning agents may be used. Wool detergents, baby shampoo, normal window cleaner or carbonated mineral water have proved their worth.

In principle, every detergent is spotted or sprayed onto the mineral water. After a few minutes of exposure time, the dabbing removal, in which the sponge or rag is rinsed several times in clear lukewarm water. Mineral water is generously distributed on the Flokati carpet. The "bitzelnde" carbon dioxide dissolves the dirt particles, which are then also dabbed.

Washing the flokati

The special construction of a flokati carpet leads to an enormous fluid absorption capacity. A wet flokati can not be carried by one person even if the size is about one square meter. This is also to be considered when washing in the washing machine. In principle, a flokati can be washed in the wool and gentle cycle without spinning and pumping. Normal washing machines can handle the weight of a wet flokatis up to three quarters of a square.

When washing hands in a bathtub or washbowl, a wet flokati up to a size of about one and a half square meters should be lifted by one person. Larger carpets should be washed in the cleaning.

Tips & Tricks

When drying the carpet, you should proceed as in new wool clothing. The carpet should be spread smoothly on absorbent towels and protected from direct sunlight.

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