Beautify the floor and repair it

Great possibilities of soil beautification

Beautify the floor and repair it: tiles

At home it is the most beautiful! But what if your own home is not that beautiful anymore, looks worn-out, or simply does not fit your style? Then it's time for a renovation! How exactly such a refurbishment should look then, of course, is up to you.

Some people simply "make a pretty" of their home by purchasing new furniture - a new wall unit or a new sectional sofa can already neatly change and beautify a room. Some people, however, are more interested in painting the apartment in a different color or to make a patterned wallpaper on the walls.

And then there are others who are still far from having enough space for a new floor. Because if so, then right and in the form of a complete renovation. And The fact is that a floor covering is heavily loadedTiles can break, the laminate gets scratches or the carpet loses its color and looks worn. If so, the question arises of how to beautify the soil for the future.

Floor beautification by new foot covering
Replacing the current flooring is certainly the obvious, if not the most creative, idea. But a very simple change of the flooring can quickly spice up the entire apartment or house. There are, of course, different options that can be decided on, but it should be kept in mind that this should only happen in a normal rental apartment after consultation with the landlord, otherwise it could give trouble at the latest when moving out.


Carpets are available in a variety of colors and different texture. So, for example, a fluffy, simple carpet is well suited for the bedroom, while a rather rough carpet makes itself better in the hallway, as there is a lot going on and too soft a carpet would quickly become dull and rough. Carpets can also make home improvement with a bit of skill quite easy to lay yourself. This floor covering does not necessarily have to be expensive either, so that quick and possibly cheap new pep can be brought to the ground.

Laminate and parquet:

Beautify the floor and repair it: carpet

Figure 2: D.j.mueller (CC BY-SA 3.0)

If you like something more elegant, you might want to use laminate in the living room - or the more expensive and even nobler version of parquet. Just click laminate is easy to lay by yourself, but still makes a lot and is also easier to clean than a carpet. Changing from carpet to laminate, for example, can make a room look radiant. Nowadays, PVC is also an attractive alternative, because the formerly unpopular surface is now visually in a deceptively genuine laminate look.


Tiles belong only in the kitchen and in the bathroom, at the most still in the corridor? No, that does not necessarily have to be right. Elegant tiles are also good in the living room and change the previous appearance enormously.

Other floor coverings:

Of course, carpet, laminate or parquet and tiles are not the only ways to make the floor. Various other materials such as linoleum, vinyl or simple screed are also suitable. Here it is important to look at examples and to decide according to your own taste.

Possibilities to spice up the existing soil
But what to do if a change of flooring is not so easy? Is it because the necessary money is not available in the form, because the old flooring is not so bad after all, but could tolerate an improvement or because the landlord does not play along with the project? Then there is still the possibility to supplement the floor with accessories and small changes that are easy to undo.

Additional carpet:

The current carpet does not match the color of the rest of the home furnishings? The carpet is already pretty worn out and does not make much anymore? Or there is no carpet at all, but laminate, but the place should rather care for warm feet? Bringing some pep in here is not a problem, even if the current flooring should or must remain. With an additional carpet, it's easy to set a splash of color or give heat to the cold tile floor. There is no need to lay an entire carpet, often small accents in the form of runners or round rugs that - placed in the right place such as under the table, in front of the sofa or in the middle of the room - the whole room completely different than before let appear.

Special solutions:

Less suitable for private use, but highly recommended, when it comes to your own business, are also so-called floor stickers that can be applied both directly on the asphalt and indoors. Examples of this way of spicing up the soil can be found here. Although they are less decorative, but they hold the appropriate advertising messages ready, can serve as a guide or be printed with a completely own, individual layout. Since this advertising opportunity is currently still comparatively rarely used - especially at trade fairs - so individual traders can set so also a great eye-catcher that stands out from the crowd at the same time. And maybe the stickers for the floor are also something for the one or the other in the private home.


If there is already a nice floor in the house or apartment, but it does not really come into its own as it should, lighting can set it in scene accordingly. Similar to the ceiling lighting, small lamps can also be installed close to the floor to illuminate the floor. This is especially good for high-quality tiles in the bathroom.

Turn tiles into mosaic

Beautify the floor and repair it: carpet

Figure 3: Procsilas Moscas (CC BY 2.0)

The tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen are monochrome and therefore monotonous? Here, color can bring a little more life into the flooring, with two different options in question: First, every second tile can be exchanged for a different color, so that creates a beautiful pattern. However, if you do not want to or can not completely change the tiles, you can resort to tile varnish, which can also be removed with solvents, and paint the tiles. Glueing is also a possibility that can be considered. Although this is a real miniscule work for home improvement and the film must be tailored exactly to ultimately achieve a reasonable result, but the resident gets so a very individual design to his own taste. However, it should nevertheless be noted that, especially in the sanitary area, film could quickly detach due to the moisture and thus the pleasure is only short-lived. The gluing of the floor does not only apply to tiles, but can also be applied to other surfaces.

Figure 1: Quadell (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Figure 2: D.j.mueller (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Figure 3: Procsilas Moscas (CC BY 2.0)

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