Floor design - Stone floor - Do it yourself

Prefabricated floor elements - The practical system for do-it-yourselfers

Floor design - Stone floor - Do it yourself: floor

Finally spring - just the right time to get on the Balcony with family or friends the nice weather and pleasant temperatures to enjoy. The Klumpp family from the Allgäu also thought so. Too bad that the ceramic flooring of their balcony had not weathered the winter!

The joints had become cracked and brittle and the tiles were crumbling. - Should you That's why on Maibowle and cheese snacks outdoors without? Shortly determined, Frieder Klumpp took the matter into his own hands. In search of a practical solution, the enthusiastic do-it-yourself enthusiast discovered an ingeniously simple flooring system for self-laying at the Garden Fair in Munich: Prefabricated elements from RENOfloor made of small, resin-bound pebbles.

The handy 50 x 50 cm plates can without tedious removal of the old surface simply laid dry on the existing floor become. Only defects and larger cracks are compensated, then the substrate thoroughly cleaned and sealed with foil. No rubble, no glue, no waiting time - arguments that convinced especially wife Renate. Home improvement should finally bring benefits to the whole family.

Durable surface for all seasons

Floor design - Stone floor - Do it yourself: floor

Balcony before

Firmly connected by one transparent, crystal clear reaction resin, form the pebbles a natural and extremely hard-wearing surface that is absolutely weather and frost resistant and therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Once the optimal color is found, everything is actually quite fast. "RENOfloor not only supplied the flooring specially made for our balcony," reports Frieder Klumpp, "but also the matching, self-adhesive geomembranes and the edge profilee. "

In this way, the experienced handyman was able to revamp his 12 m² balcony in a few hours. The plant was inaugurated with coffee and cake in the afternoon. And if a bite Kirschkuchen or a dollop of cream goes wrong - no problem.

Through the novel nano-coating of the finished elements it is easy to vacuum dirt, "But for that," winks Frieder Klumpp cheerfully, "I'm no longer responsible."

Choose suitable optics

Floor design - Stone floor - Do it yourself: yourself

Balcony after

Also from the result, the Allgäu are thrilled. "Difficult was really only the choice of color," grins Frieder Klumpp. "With so many fantastic color mixes, it's not easy to reconcile the wishes of all family members.

After all, the new balcony floor must also match the garden furniture. "Off three pre-mixed color palettes and a variety of special shades you can put together individual combinations.

The color variety is created by the main component of the finished elements: a fine granules of round washed quartz or marble in different grain sizes and colors.

In just five steps to the new balcony surface

With the practical prefabricated elements, anyone can beautify their balcony with a real pebble floor even without much prior art knowledge.

  1. Clean the surface, remove any loose old plates and level the holes.
  2. Position the end profiles around the surface with adhesive, then screw them tight.
  3. Seal surface and wall connection with foil or liquid plastic.
  4. First row of elements stuck in the end profile and with glue
  5. Fill in small gaps and complicated corners with the same-colored liquid gravel from the repair kit, smoothen with the spatula.

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