The floor plan at the row house

The terraced house is a sensible and economical way of living that pays off for many people. In this article, you will learn about the characteristics of the layout of a typical terraced house and how best to use the space.

The main feature: the narrow design

Most terraced houses are designed to be as space-saving as possible, because there is a shortage of space in many, especially urban areas and many people need a property. Mostly, this construction is noticeable by a narrower design: Stairways, corridors and even some rooms are built more narrowly than in free-standing houses, which makes efficient use of this floor plan all the more necessary.

Take advantage of the floor plan efficiently

The efficient use of your floor plan in the terraced house can take place at various levels: from deliberate choice of furniture to a skilful decor - in most cases, the floor plan does not have to be rebuilt to improve the living situation.

The floor plan at the row house: house

But if you are an owner and not a tenant, this usually does not pose a problem. In such transformations, many people opt for the increasingly popular, open-plan living It has fewer walls and places certain rooms, such as the living room and kitchen, in one room.

This design offers a further, decisive advantage in the terraced house: since row-middle houses in particular suffer from a lack of light, the elimination of some walls makes for a brighter, more lively atmosphere. One of the disadvantages of open living is the rapid spread of noise, as there are less damaging walls.

Note the cost

With any changes to your floor plan or the way you live in the terraced house, you should make a precise plan that lists the maximum cost of this project. In the end, poorly organized projects are often much more expensive than planned in advance.

Sometimes it is helpful to consult a floor plan expert such as an architect who can make the situation easier to assess. Whether a transformation of the walls is necessary or whether it is enough to put away furniture or replace it with space-saving, experienced people can usually better decide.

Think about a move

In the case of fundamental changes in your family situation, for example due to several children, the current terraced house often can not provide enough space; even reshaping the floor plan no longer helps. In such a case, you should look for another house to improve the living situation as quickly as possible. If you are a tenant of the terraced house, however, such a move is easier than homeowners.

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the Internet or in special magazines suggestions for the layout of the terraced house. Here are often helpful and creative solutions that can improve the current housing situation noticeably.

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