Build floor stairs with or without feed box yourself

When you build yourself a floor staircase, it depends primarily on the proper insulation and airtightness of the stairwell. In order to successfully perform the overall design, alignment of the staircase, alignment and mechanical precision must be ensured.

Prefabricated attic stairs with or without food box

If you want to install a loft ladder, you can choose between a folding or sliding staircase and a scissor staircase. The prefabricated stairs are offered with installation accessories. The flap and the closure can be designed by yourself or purchased as a matching kit.

As an option, retrofittable handrails and guardrails are available as prefabricated kits, whereby the guardrail can be easily manufactured from a self-made and assembled wooden strip construction. In principle, the pure staircase, which is mounted on a self-made support plate enough.

How to build a loft ladder yourself

  • Vapor-retarding film
  • Vapor barrier sealing tape
  • feed racks
  • Folding or telescopic arms
  • Flap or hatch cover
  • Auxiliary slats and wedges
  • Dämmzopf
  • Cover strips for frames
  • Screws and dowels
  • Eventually insulating foam
  • Snap-lock
  • spirit level
  • drilling machine
  • clamps

1. Fasten the accessway

Smooth the insides of the access wall and, depending on the condition, prepare the screw holes for the chuck box.

2. caulking

Coat the insides with steam-dampened foil and allow them to overlap about three centimeters at the top and bottom edges.

3. Set the feeder box

Glue sealing tape around the edges and insert the preassembled box. Fix it with wooden wedges and screw it into the prepared screw holes with the floor slab.

4. Dress up

Align the feed box horizontally so that the lower edges are flush with the ceiling. Press the insulating plug into the joint and glue the cover strips.

5. Fit the flap

Attach the flap to the hinges, install the side guide arms and the snap lock.

6. Mount staircase

Place the attic stairs on the closed flap and fasten the staircase body and the guide rod according to the manufacturer's instructions.

7. Tension the spring

Finally, attach the tension springs in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and adjust the tension on the set screws provided.

Tips & Tricks

Carry out all assembly work with the flap closed. Test the function and, after re-closing and locking, re-adjust.

Video Board: How to build a flower box staircase - Clas Ohlson