Remove floor tiles: what costs are incurred?

Tacking an old, worn-out tile floor often means hard work, but also causes a lot of dirt. Who does not want to take this into their own hands, hires a craftsman. What are the costs?

That's how the costs are put together

The costs of removing floor tiles are mainly determined by the number of working hours required. Both the room size and the adhesive strength of the tiles on the floor play a major role.

The adhesive strength of the tiles is determined by the type of adhesive used and whether it is already affected by aging.

A trial and error removal of one or more tiles provides information about the expected workload. In this way, the craftsman can estimate how many hours he needs to remove the floor tiles.

Expect an hourly wage of around 40 EUR for the craftsman, but in some regions it can be a little more - or less.

On a floor heating, the craftsman must work more cautiously and may progress slower. In this case, your advantage is that for any damage the insurance of the craft company comes up.

Specific cost example: remove floor tiles

In a sample project, a homeowner has his old tiles removed in the living room. It is a 40 square meter floor with underfloor heating, on which the tiles are still firmly bonded today.

The craftsman manages to remove 2 square meters of floor tiles per hour. The costs per hour amount to 38 EUR for his work input.

Cost overviewprice
Remove floor tiles760 EUR
Clean up152 EUR
debris disposal30 EUR
totalfor 40 sqm: 942 EUR

Savings tip: Lay tiles on tiles

To lay new tiles or another flooring, you do not necessarily have to remove the old floor tiles: this saves costs. However, this only works if the ground level does not get too high.

Tips & Tricks

Tiles can also be repaired. Before removing your floor tiles, make sure that repairing single tiles is an option for you.

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