Cover floor tiles temporarily or permanently

Old or ugly floor tiles do not necessarily have to be knocked out of the ground. There are a lot of ways to cover them up. Often the possibility decides to what extent the soil can be increased. The thorough and appropriate preparation of the floor tiles as a durable substrate is indispensable.

Materials for covering

Who wants to cover floor tiles, has several materials to choose from:

  • tiling
  • OSB
  • Vinyl or PVC film
  • Carpet or sling goods
  • stone carpet
  • wood flooring

Except for the foiling, it is necessary to level the floor or level the old tiles for all cover variants.

Ideally, a liquid leveling compound is applied, which forms a smooth, even and versatile surface after drying. New floor tiles can be applied to them as well as carpet or other floor coverings such as wooden floorboards can be attached.

Especially for wet rooms, there are loose-laying materials that cover floor tiles and can be removed at any time for cleaning:

  • artificial turf
  • carpet tiles
  • Plastic tiles (also available by the meter)
  • Bamboo, hemp or sisal fiber mats

Video Board: How to install a temporary vinyl tile floor