Sand planks: this is how you calculate the costs

An old plank floor has many advantages, above all, it can be completely renovated in case of surface damage. Whoever wants to profit from his high-quality wooden floor in the next decades, invests in the sanding of the floorboards. What costs arise?

Abrading planks: how are the costs combined?

The sanding of planks consists of several operations and is therefore associated with a relatively high cost. A craft company charges around 20 to 30 euros per square meter for plank grinding.

The exact cost depends on the degree of hardness the wood has and how deep the scratches have dug into the wood. But with the sanding of the floorboards alone, the work is not done!

Sometimes the wood is still stained, but in any case it has to be resealed. The craftsman usually applies the required sealing material (oil, wax, varnish) in several layers, wax then needs a polish.

Ancillary jobs such as thorough cleaning before sealing or repairing with wood cement increase the price. There are also various material costs (sandpaper, polishing felt, etc.).

Specific cost example: sanding and sealing planks

An example calculation shows what costs are incurred for roughly sanding and sealing planks. In this case, a homeowner owns an old beech floor, which has some deep scratches.

The entire floor area is spacious 42 square meters, the craftsmen estimated for the sanding of the planks 27 EUR per square meter. The triple seal with wax and the subsequent polishing costs 9 EUR per square meter.

Cost overviewprice
Sanding the floorboards27 EUR per sqm
Apply wax, polish9 EUR per sqm
Various ancillary works135 EUR
Material costs for wood wax100 EUR
Sandpaper, wood putty, polishing felt105 EUR
totalfor 42 sqm: 1.852 EUR

Savings tip: sanding and sealing planks yourself

The labor costs drive up the final price for sanding the planks. Those who are confident can sand and seal their boards themselves, but pay close attention to the correct handling of the grinding machine!

If you operate the grinder incorrectly, the planks can possibly be severely damaged. So if you've never sanded a wooden floor before, then let's explain exactly how this work works.

Remember that you need at least three sanding cycles, better are five or even six. Start with the coarse sandpaper.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to sand down your planks yourself to save costs, do not use the heavy-duty roll grinding machine at the latest for fine sanding. Rent a light disc sander at the hardware store, which puts less strain on the floor.

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