Combine floor covering and door frame correctly

Combine floor covering and door frame correctly: frame

A newly renovated living room, new door frames or the newly laid laminate - often decides Taste for all components individually and the interaction will be forgotten. It is just this important for the overall impression.

On special flooring and exclusive doors can look great individuallybut together ruin the overall effect of a room.

The problem is not to find a good compilation, anyone can, who sets up his own apartment, but it should bbe thoughtful and not forgotten.

If a suitable combination is found, it must be installed just as well. Whether for the new one Laminate the door frame cut or cut the laminate fitting will decide the specifications and the personal taste.

We introduce both methods and explain the right approach.

Wooden doors: The nuances decide

A fixed idea of ​​what it should look like, home builders and renovators almost always have. Only if finally everything really harmonizes with each other, is only apparent during installation.

What has looked just as good in the imagination, can not look so right after the final installation. It is usually only Nuances that in reality put a stop to the bill do.

If you want to combine wooden doors with tiles or carpets, one is Precision tuning is not required, since this is a matter of fundamentally different materials is. All you have to do is make sure that the gradients are consistent from bright to dark.

However, if laminate or parquet is to be laid, even the smallest color deviations will be unpleasant eye-catching. Wood, colors or patterns only fit togetherif they are absolutely the same. Similar colors and wood patterns rarely look good next to each other.

If the same look can not be achieved, should rather a contrast with two different colors be set.

Cut door frames

Combine floor covering and door frame correctly: door

Cut the door frame

Are the Door frames already installed and provide the new flooring no or too little space, they can be shortened in most cases.

But it should be kept in mind that this one final decision is and in rental housing the approval of the landlord requirement. Once the question has been clarified, trimming with the right tool is not a big problem.

Multifunctional or oszilation tools are available today from many manufacturers and in many price ranges. With them and the correct segment saw blade can quickly and accurately adjust wooden or metal frames become.

For the determination of the height becomes Remaining part of the floor covering including the sound insulation as a distance pads.

Is the saw blade very thin or the Footfall sound very soft, can be a piece of cardboard for a slightly higher margin to care. If, after the cut, laminate and impact sound insulation move slightly under the door frame, there is enough room for maneuver.

Door frames grouted

Combine floor covering and door frame correctly: combine

Grout door frame

Stylish old Door frame, rented apartment, missing tool... There are many reasons why a door frame can not be shortened.

To create a clean transition to the flooring, it can be grouted with acrylic or silicone. Especially for laminate and parquet there is color matching silicone.

Sealing with silicone requires some practice and should only be done with appropriate tools become.

For a clean and especially even joint, the area is desired Masked joint width with painter's crepe and then with acrylic, silicone or joint filler filled in an equal amount.

The The silicone gets its correct shape through a joint spatula or similar aids.

Has a clean groove formed, that can Remove the tape and the silicone with the help of a spray bottle and a mixture of water and detergent wetted. So moistened it does not stick to the finger or the joint spatula and is brought into the final form.

Lay floor or put the room door - what comes first?

If everything is relocated and installed and also offers the clear height of the door opening enough leeway, the flooring should first be laid. That lie Parquet, tiles or laminate just below the door frame and do not have to be awkward be adjusted.

At the later installation of the frame needs only a little cardboard laid under to create a scope for movement. Also, a change of flooring is made easier because at the same floor height enough space under the frame is guaranteed.

Of course, but also decide the personal taste and the usual work sequence about the process. There is no rule and no mandatory rules.

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