Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors

Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors: nursery

When choosing the flooring for the nursery, there is a lot to consider. Because the smallest family members are particularly sensitive to Plasticizers and exhalations of all types of floor and wall coverings react, should be straight in Nursery on a healthy and natural interior design be respected.

Carpeting is pleasantly soft, warm and gives a comfortable feeling especially for children. there Especially a carpet often contains many questionable ingredients.

Not everything has to be harmful and not every child reacts immediately to special pollutants. Who, however, the Possibility to dispense with pollutants, This should be done as well as possible for your child, for yourself and for the environment.

The good deed for the environment and health, is thanked with a pleasant indoor climate.

House dust - carpet or laminate?

Many people suffer from one House dust allergy and need a special floor cleaning, that house dust can not be avoided. It is often thought that laminate and other solid floors are well suited to such an allergy. Finally, they can be wiped and thus easily hygienically cleaned.

This is only one-sided thought. House dust is a big one Part of dander, hair and other organic matter, which we produce ourselves and can not avoid.

The flooring does not affect this dust formation. If the ground is smooth, the dust particles are whirled up, inhaled and cause an allergy release with every movement or draft. On carpets there are the same particlesHowever, these are largely held by the fibers in the carpet and only in direct contact whirled.

Starting from one regular cleaning, carpet is therefore in a house dust allergy the better choice.

Cork floor in the nursery

Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors: nursery

Cork floor in the nursery

The cork floor has one Series of positive properties, which make it an ideal nursery floor.

Cork is extracted from the bark of cork oak. It will not like the whole tree, but only uses the bark, which makes the material cork particularly environmentally friendly.

At the further VNo chemicals are needed which could later pose a risk to children's health. It can cork in various variants also expertly laid by experienced DIYers become. More about: cork floor.

Rubber floor in the nursery

Rubber floor is extreme robust, insensitive and contains no toxins, It is easy to care for, easy to lay and protects the joints and nerves of the neighbor with its high elasticity and shock-absorbing structure.

Due to the many modern designs and colors that are available in stores, you can use this practical floor also for optical design use of the nursery. Here you will find everything about rubber flooring.

Laminate - a good alternative

Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors: floors

Laminate in the nursery

Laminate offers a good floor, but not only benefits. He can lay himself, is cheap, easy to clean and also relatively insensitive to stains. On the other hand, he is, depending on the underground design, but also relatively cold, loud and reacts quickly to spills.

Who, however, one Laminate floor combined with a tested harmless play mat and without a glossy finish, has a good and affordable base for a healthy nursery.

The big advantage is in different qualities and thus different prices.

Thus, there is füFor every purse the right laminate and also a temporary laying of use With planned exchange, laminate can certainly make sense. More about laminate.

Parquet - from optimal to caution

Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors: floors

Parquet in the nursery

In addition to cork, parquet is one of the absolutely natural and harmless floor coverings. Wood is one renewable resource and 100% natural. In addition, parquet not only gives a warm lookbut is also pleasantly warm on the feet.

Nevertheless, a little caution is required. Although parquet itself is harmless, the decisive factor is the surface sealing. Organic oils and waxes preserve the naturalness. However, if the parquet is sealed with lacquer, the ingredients of the lacquer determine the compatibility and the regulation of the living environment.

Carpeting - only special ones are suitable

Floor covering for the nursery: healthy floors: covering

Carpet in the nursery

For a long time, carpet was one of the most comfortable floor coverings. Who does not like to play his children on a soft surface and feels safe, because Falls are softer intercepted and not so fast to unsightly bumps to lead. However, care should be taken with carpeting.

The carpet fibers, the Foam backing and also the adhesive when laying can cause fumes which are generally harmful and can trigger allergic complaints. In addition, synthetic fibers lead to static charges and can cause slight skin burns in falls.

Who does not want to give up this soft flooring, accesses tested and harmless natural products, However, this choice is not exactly cheap and the search for suitable products difficult.

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