Rubber floor covering

Rubber floor covering: rubber

In addition to wood, rubber is also a natural raw material, Described as the "tear of the tree", it is extracted from the rubber tree. It forms the basis for rubber and rubbery materials.

Although most of the rubber goes into car tire production, it also plays an important role as a floor covering. Many carpet backings are glued with rubber and who look for a Pure rubber flooring decides will have great properties rewarded.

On the one hand extremely resistant, easy to care for, easy to lay and on the other hand it is free from PVC, plasticisers or formaldehyde. Properties, which Rubber just in the nursery, hospitals and heavily visited rooms interesting do

In addition, rubber flooring is to be laid by experienced DIYers themselves. Whether glued as rolls or tiles, offers Rubber a colorful and natural floor design.

synthetic rubber

Rubber is a natural material made from the tropical rubber tree. It consists of 75% recyclable material and is without plasticizers and halogens produced.

Due to high demand and delivery closures in the world wars, however, it was forced to continue to invest in the synthetic production and today we use this almost exclusively. It always became developed more specific variants and the application area wider.

Although floor coverings only make up a small proportion, they are also indispensable. Hardly any flooring offers the same advantages.

Advantages of the rubber floor

Rubber floor covering: rubber

Flooring glued as roll goods

Rubber has an extremely good impact sound insulation and thus enables one very soft, springy ride, Especially for small Children in the crawling age or in the learning phase is rubber thus a particularly suitable floor covering.

In general, the high elasticity exhibited by the rubber floor covering is very gentle on the joints. By his non-slip surface, it is also very suitable for roomsin which run and gymnastics, such as a hobby cellar in which children play.

The The surface of the rubber floor is extremely closed, which is why it is extremely resistant to dirt is. It is very easy to wash off and maintain with a conventional all-purpose cleaner.

In terms of fire protection, he also convinces: first he is flame retardant and should it come to a fire, the floor covering does not release any toxic gases.

Cleaning and care

In addition to the usual precautionary measures, such as mudflaps, the rubber floor needs a easy regular cleaning by sweeping and wiping, For stronger impurities commercially available neutral all-purpose cleaners can be used according to specified mixing ratios.

In addition, already after the Laying applied sealers, before an ongoing contamination and to protect it from slight damage.

Laying of rubber flooring

Rubber coverings are available in different variants and can therefore be used individually. While in Hospitals and other public body often use rubber as a roll As linoleum is glued, private users prefer to use adhesive tiles. These are self-adhesive and can be easily applied to almost any smooth surface.

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