Design and decorate wooden flower boxes

Design and decorate wooden flower boxes

Beautiful flower box

Greet the sun on your balcony, your windowsill, patio or veranda with this stunning flower box. Just buy the items listed opposite and carve and decorate the flower box according to our instructions. Then plant it and enjoy the beauty of your unique creation.

material list

  • Dremel® 7700
  • Drill chuck 4486
  • Engraving knife 111
  • Tungsten carbide cutter 9905
  • Fine-grained abrasive belts 432
  • SpeedClic ™ mandrel SC402
  • SpeedClic ™ Finishing Wheel 511S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Wheel 512
  • Planter made of wood
  • Body color
  • Dressing milk and silver leaf
  • exterior paint

Decorating plant containers Step 1

Beautiful flower box: Step 1

Draw a draft on paper and transfer it with a pencil to the center of one of the side panels of the planter. Then attach the drill chuck and engraving knife to your Dremel 7700 to carve the outline of your design into the wood.

Decorate planter Step 2

Beautiful flower box: Step 2

Remove the engraving knife and insert the Dremel Tungsten Carbide Router to mill out the wood at the lines of your design.

Decorate planter Step 3

Beautiful flower box: Step 3

Remove the tungsten carbide cutter, insert the Dremel 432 fine-grained abrasive belt and smooth out any rough edges on your subject. For smoothing, use the SpeedClic ™ mandrel SC402 and the SpeedClic ™ polishing discs. These adapt to the outline of your subject and are useful when sanding belts are a bit too coarse or the subject is too complex and not all corners and angles could be reached with a sanding belt.

Decorate planter step 4

Beautiful flower box: Step 4

Paint the planter with a suitable paint roller and let it dry completely. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to apply donut milk on the carved motif and cover the carved area with silver leaf to create an elegant look that suits every season.
Lastly, protect your planter with a few coats of exterior paint


Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

Dremel®'s Creative Ideabook contains 50 original ideas for crafting projects of varying difficulty and countless opportunities for your own projects with Dremel's versatile tooling systems.

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