Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden

Nature has a great color spectacle ready for us - the flower colors in the garden go from red, orange and yellow tones to blues and greens. All these colors have certain properties and effects. Take advantage of this knowledge in the garden decoration!

flower colors

Overview about flower colors

  • Red: love and passion
  • Yellow: Warming and summery
  • Orange: colorful and cheerful
  • White: Noble and solemn
  • Blue: something very special
  • Pink and Pink: From delicate to strong
  • Green: The spring messenger
  • Purple and Violet: Festive

The color scheme of our environment has a great influence on our constitution and our well-being - this applies not only in the house, but also in the garden! Colored accents in the right color can create a very special atmosphere, whether on the terrace, the balcony or with a large bouquet of flowers in the dining room.

Below you will find an overview of the different, classic flower colors as well as their meaning and effect.

Red: love and passion

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: colors

Equally eye-catching: the flower color red. With hardly any other color, more feeling is combined. It stands for love and passion, for vitality and seduction. So red cut flowers are a striking eye-catcher and appear as a single-color bouquet particularly noble and classic. This is not only true for red roses, but z. B. also for red carnations or the red flamingo flower (Tropical Anthuriums). For red roses is also true: A combination with white roses means togetherness - a beautiful symbolism for wedding days!

Yellow: Warming and summery

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: flower

Sun, heat, spring, summer - the color yellow. It conveys friendship, joy and sympathy. A bouquet of yellow cut flowers is neutral enough to always be a convenient souvenir and therefore a good choice for almost any occasion. Yellow cut flowers are also gladly given away as a way of recovery to provide the convalescent with new energy and healing power. Beautiful and graceful yellow flowers are also in combination with violet and blue flowers. Of course, they also have the same effects in the flowerbed or tub for your garden decoration.

Orange: colorful and cheerful

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: concept

Similar to the color yellow, the color orange is one of the cheerful and creative colors. By the touch of the reddish she gives even more warmth, feeling and activity. Used in psychology as a mood brightener, you conjure optimism into the house with a bouquet of orange cut flowers. Suitable as a flower gift without any special occasion offer one-color arrangements, z. B. orange gerberas. Taking advantage of the stimulating effect of the complementary colors, orange-colored flowers look beautiful in combination with blue or blue-violet flowers.

White: Noble and solemn

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: colors

A bouquet of white flowers looks noble - precisely because of its simplicity. As the brightest color, white symbolizes purity, light, infinity and joy in Western cultures. White is also suitable for compositions with other colors. With a subtle cream or delicate pink such a mixture decorates suitable family celebrations such. As wedding, baptism, communion, confirmation and confirmation. Combined with green, white flowers bring spring into your home at any time of the year.

Blue: something very special

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: your

The color blue - rarely occurring in nature in its pure form. This makes a bouquet of blue cut flowers or blue flowers in your garden decoration something special in any case. Blue as the color of water and sky symbolizes space, boundlessness, distance and longing, and at the same time stands for loyalty, reliability and trust. Beautiful for a bouquet of flowers are arrangements of blue flowers with orange or yellow flowers - lively and cheerful by the bright warm colors, soothing and relaxing by the "cold" color.

Pink and Pink: From delicate to strong

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: color

Pink - a color with two sides. As a delicate pink she looks romantic, gentle and girlish (sometimes too sweet and sweet), as strong pink she looks strong, cheerful and cheerful (sometimes too intrusive and loud). Cut flowers with pink flowers are suitable for combining with other strong colors like red or blue / violet. Flowers with delicate pink flowers match flowers with white flowers and make the right bouquet for festive occasions such as engagement, wedding, baptism and various anniversaries.

Green: The spring messenger

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: concept

After the cold winter, the human being is always longing for a color: green! Does it mean the approaching spring, the awakening of nature and in general the hope. As part of each bouquet, the flower color green can also be continued in the flowering, for. With green Santinis or cloves. These light green, light and delicate flowers make a beautiful combination to the rich and dark green of the leaves and stems. In arrangement with other flower colors green blossoms are a nice discreet basis for "bright", strong colors like red, orange or also pink.

Purple and Violet: Festive

Flower colors: The perfect color concept for your garden: flower

Similar to Rosa, the flower color lilac also has a large color range: from pale light purple to dark deep blue-violet.
Flowers with flowers in each of these characteristics are festive and elegant and are therefore ideal for solemn occasions. In combination with other colors, purple flowers always give the bouquet a noble and dignified touch.

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