Make flower pot and shape

Ideas for self-built and decorated flowerpots

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Individual flower pots and planters set colorful accents in the garden and all look at each other on the balcony and the terrace. Boring clay pots paint with acrylic paints with creative designs and protect them with clear paint for outdoor use against the changing weather.

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can use multiplex plates to build a flower box in the form of a dreamy fairytale castle. Planted with Rosen turns it into a picturesque Sleeping Beauty castle, which can be perfectly combined with other decorative elements and plants.

In addition, you can mill durable and elaborate ornaments in planters made of wood or clay. To do this first the contours engraved with a fine knifebefore they are completely milled out.

So upgraded they fit in both the garden and on the home windowsills for living room or kitchene.

Building instructions for a Sleeping Beauty Castle planter

A dreamlike castle with oval windows and battlements attracts everyone's attention in the garden or on the terrace. Planted with flowering roses that run over the castle walls, this planter becomes a picturesque Sleeping Beauty castle.

Even on the windowsill or table he spreads one romantic atmosphere and can be decorated with other decorative elements.

Tip: If you saw through a gate in the middle and build the two towers and the centerpiece larger, children can play exciting adventures in this self-built knight's castle.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Template for windows and battlements

Level of difficulty and time required

  • Medium to increased level of difficulty
  • about 2 - 3 hours without drying time

material list

  • 8 multiplex panels 10 x 17.4 cm (thickness 12 mm)
  • 8 multiplex panels 15 x 25 cm (thickness 12 mm)
  • 2 multiplex panels 15 x 20 cm (thickness 12 mm)
  • Wood screws 4 x 20 mm
  • Wood screws 4 x 12 mm
  • Wood filler
  • Primer and weatherproof paint or water-based acrylic paint
  • 4 mm wood drill
  • 8 mm wood drill
  • 8 angle pencil
  • triangle ruler
  • spatula
  • Akkubohrschrauber
  • battery jigsaw
  • Battery Multischleifer
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Possibly. Fine Spray

Step 1: Transfer template to the wood

First, cut out the template and transfer the markings to the multiplex panels in pencil, in this case MPX boards of dimensions 10 x 17.4 cm and for windows those of dimensions 15 x 25 cm are used for Burgzinnern.

Make sure that the castle windows are centered on the plates.

Make flower pot and shape: flower

Transfer dimensions from the template to the MPX plates.

Tip: For larger planters, choose larger MPX plates.

Step 2: Pierce marks

Then, using a cordless screwdriver and a 8 mm wood drill holes on the marked places drilled - at the windows in the corners within the mark to saw out in the following step.

Make flower pot and shape: shape

Pierce markings for battlements and windows.

Step 3: Cut out the parts and assemble the flower pot

In the next step you saw out with a jigsaw the windows and burgesses of the new planter.

Subsequently, the edges with a Multi-sander or sandpaper smoothed, The new planter is then assembled by placing the four tower plates together and marking the locations of the holes. Now the four plates are screwed together with 4 x 20 mm wood screws.

For the Burgzinnen draw a 2 cm wide overlap on the longer Insert page according to template and secure with 4 x 20 mm wood screws at the top of the tower.

Finally, the holes of the sunk screws are filled with wood filler and all edges are processed with the multi-sander.

Make flower pot and shape: flower

Saw out the windows along the marking.

Make flower pot and shape: planter

Screw the battlements and window parts together.

Step 4: Screw on the angle

Finally, the flower box may be assembled. Using the cordless screwdriver, secure four angles with 8 x 12 mm wood screws at the edge of the center piece (this is one of two 15 x 20 cm multiplex panels). Everyone Angle comes with two wood screws each screwed on the middle piece.

Then screw the Angle of the left side with the tower and repeat this step on the right. Thereafter, the second center piece is also attached to the towers with four angles and eight wood screws.

Make flower pot and shape: make

Connect the towers and the center piece at an angle.

Step 5: Paint fairytale castle

At the end of the craftwork, the castle is either with a diluted acrylic paint sprayed or - for outdoor use - treated with a primer before a weatherproof paint is applied.

After complete drying, the fairytale castle planter can be planted with roses.

Make flower pot and shape: planter

In the garden you should resort to a primer and weatherproof paint.

Make flower pot and shape: shape

The new planter in the form of a fairytale castle.

Paint clay pots

Make flower pot and shape: planter

Conventional, unglazed clay pots can be painted in bright colors and patterns.

Who wants to give a new look to monotonous brown flowerpots, can simply redesign and paint them with a brush and colors. For this you use on best acrylic paints, which after drying with clear varnish coated when the terracotta pots are supposed to stand outdoors.

Also suitable are stencil inks and solvent-free emulsion inks. As an alternative to the clearcoat, the planter can after the Painting also with elephant skin paint, which makes the ink layer less sensitive to water and dirt.

Make flower pot and shape: make

Decorate the flowerpot with one or more opaque colors.

In the first step, apply the desired shade with a brush and let it dry. Depending on the color, it may need to be painted a second time. After he is dried, with a Pencil a pattern of your choice freehand or with a template and tracing paper recorded.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Decorate boring pots with abstract patterns or concrete motifs.

You can either use this ornament with one tighten a fine brush and any color or you can mill the lines with a diamond-tipped cutter into the wall of the clay pot. Then the dust is removed and the pot is wiped with a damp cloth.

So that individually designed flower pots the garden season on the terrace or on the balcony, protect the motifs with clear varnish for outdoor use - please use the varnish only outdoors because of the pungent odor. After drying, room and other plants can be placed in the planter.

Make flower pot and shape: flower

With a milled pattern, the terracotta color shines through and gives a nice contrast to the applied color.

Image material courtesy of Dremel.

Design flowerpot

Make flower pot and shape: make

A noble flower box with silver engraving.

Even planters for the terrace or the balcony can be the adapt to individual taste, for example with a noble silver engraving.

While Paint terracotta planters according to the instructions above You can mill individual ornaments in wooden flower pots. For this you only need the following materials:

  • Flower box made of wood
  • Weatherproof paint for wood
  • exterior paint
  • silver leaf
  • gilding


  • brush
  • Dremel 7700 with drill chuck 4486
  • Engraving knife 111
  • Tungsten carbide cutter 9905
  • Fine-grained abrasive belts 432
  • Speeclic ™ mandrel SC 402 with fine grinding discs 511S / 512

Step 1: Record and mill samples

First, use a pencil to draw any picture or pattern on the planter. Then use the Drill Chuck and Engraving Knife in the Dremel® 7700 to carefully retighten the lines.

Be sure to wear one when milling Safety goggles and a mask to avoid breathing in the fine wood chips and eye injuries. Now cut out the wood inside the sketch and make sure that only the top layers of wood are removed with the milling cutter. If you mill too deep, you will get small holes.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

First, draw the contours with an engraving knife.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Then mill out the pattern in the wooden planter.

Step 2: Smooth ornaments in the planter

Now do that fine-grained abrasive belt and smooth the frayed edges, When grinding, work from the outside in and remove the fine dust in between. This is followed by fine grinding with the mandrel and the fine grinding wheels.

In the end, the pattern should have a smooth surface and clean edges.

Step 3: Paint the decorated planter

After sanding, the entire sanding dust is thoroughly removed. So that Plant container survive the weathert, it is primed and painted with a suitable for wood weatherproof paint. - The decoration remains free.

In the last step, apply donut milk according to the manufacturer's instructions Motif and work the silver leaf carefully with a brush on. After complete drying, the decoration is treated with clear varnish for outdoor use.

Make flower pot and shape: shape

Finally, sand the milled motif smoothly.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Use a brush to apply the make-up milk and fill the motif with silver leaf.

Image material courtesy of Dremel.

Build planter for balcony

Make flower pot and shape: flower

An empty beer crate becomes a planter for the balcony railing.

Upcycling is in vogue and so is from a empty beer crate a sturdy flower box for the balcony railing. The following materials are required:

  • Balcony flowers or herbs
  • potting soil
  • Bierkiste
  • Multi-saw or saber saw with wide saw blade
  • garden fleece
  • gravel
  • plants trowel
  • secateurs
  • Cuttermesser
  • ruler
  • Possibly. Paint and paint brush

Step 1: sawing the opening for the balcony railing

The bottom of the beer box will later be put on the balcony railing and should have a good stop there. First, measure the width or thickness of the railing.

Make flower pot and shape: make

The box can be planted with various herbs and flowers.

The box is then placed on the floor with the open side down and the opening is recorded centrally at the bottom of the left and right box walls - the narrower box parts with the handles, Cut out both cutouts one after the other.

Make flower pot and shape: planter

Saw an opening for the balcony railing at the bottom.

For a continuous opening, then saw from the cut straight through the inner box area through to the opposite opening so you have a "channel" receive.

If you want to give the balcony box an individual look, treat the beer crate first with a plastic primer before it can be painted with acrylic paint in any color.

Make flower pot and shape: make

Likewise on the other side.

Make flower pot and shape: flower

Then saw through a continuous opening for the balcony girder.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

The planter should sit firmly and smoothly on the railing.

After that, the Crate first on the balcony railing set. She should have a firm hold without being too crooked.

Tip: Do the wobble test - shake the beer crate several times to see if it still sits firmly on the railing.

To protect against storms, you should secure the beer box after planting with additional attachment measures on the balcony railing.

Step 2: Dress the plant box with fleece

Next is the Box lined with garden fleece and the supernatant placed over the edge of the box. Cut protruding pieces flush with the edge using a cutter. If you like, you can fix the fleece on the edge of the box.

Make flower pot and shape: shape

The balcony box with garden fleece lining.

Make flower pot and shape: balcony

Cut off the protruding fleece and fill the box with a layer of gravel and soil.

Step 3: Plant herbs and flowers

In the final step, a thin drainage layer of gravel is poured in and the beer crate filled with soil. Now you can plant balcony plants, herbs or flowers as you like Cautiously remove plants from the potput in a small planting hole and watered the soil well. Then the balcony box can be placed on the railing and additional fasteners can be fixed.

Make flower pot and shape: make

Remove several small plants from the pot and plant.

Make flower pot and shape: make

Cut off spreading balcony plants with pruning shears.

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