Flower Pots Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on flowerpots comparison or test 2018

  • Flowerpots are containers for flowers and plants. They provide support and an adequate supply of water and nutrient-rich potting soil.
  • Plant pots have holes in the bottom of the pot and can drain excess water. The planter is decorative and absorbs the expired water from the plant pot.
  • Various flower pot tests show: A beautiful planter can be a wonderful home accessory. Clay pots and natural stone also provide the flowers with a secure hold in inclement weather.

Flower Pots Comparison 2018: 2018

Indoor plants provide relaxation and make us more creative and happy. They provide the indoor air with sufficient oxygen and provide for a pleasant living environment, As diverse as plants are, however, the possibilities and demands on rearing and care. If you want to enjoy a cozy home with indoor plants, you must follow some basic rules.

An important basis is the right flower pot. In order to find the right vessel, you must subject the plant pots to a thorough flowerpot test. In our comparison of flowerpots 2018 we tell you in the context of our purchase advice, what counts when choosing the right plant pot.

1. What do we need flower pots for?

Flower Pots Comparison 2018: plants

A plant pot animates every gray wall.

For a radiant flower habit and healthy growth, the roots need enough space. Flower pots hold potted plants, protect the roots and provide them with water and nutrient-rich soil.

Of course, flower pots in different colors should also beautify the windowsill. Whether painted, in an elegant anthracite design or floating freely in the room: A beautiful plant pot for indoor plants is in addition to its practical benefits a great home accessory.

2. Which flowerpot species are there?

If you want to buy a (cheap) flower pot, it usually means a planter for balcony plants, cacti, orchids or herbs. It is important to pay attention when buying to buy the right pot for the planned planting.

There are some differences in the function. We've listed the differences for you so you can find your personal flower pot test winner.

2.1. Plant pot, planter and flower tub

Basically, a distinction between plant pot, planter and planter. Drainage and size are the most important features of a flower pot comparison.

Flowerpot Artdescription


Flower Pots Comparison 2018: flower

Most flowers and plants are sold in a plastic plant pot. Plant pots are characterized by a rather small size and holes on the bottom of the pot, through which the water can flow unhindered. The plant pot provides protection, stability and keeps the soil moist. Many plant pots can be used directly as ready-made flowerpotswhen putting a flowerpot coaster underneath. Thus they are the test winner for all who like it practically. Once the roots of a plant have grown out of the plant pot, it must be replaced with a larger one. If the plants are to be transferred to the garden or into a large planter, the plant pot must be removed.


Flower Pots Comparison 2018: flower

A planter catches the excess water from the plant pot and can thus ensure a balanced irrigation of the earth. Pots have no holes and should not be used without a planterbecause they can runny with excessive watering or heavy rain, which can lead to waterlogging and mold. Planters are usually decorative and bring colors and style in your living room.


Flower Pots Comparison 2018: 2018

Similar to the plant pot has a planter holes for draining excess water. Flower pots, however, have a much larger diameter They are often placed on the balcony or terrace. They offer enough space for a charming sea of ​​flowers and varied plantings. Due to the size, it is always recommendedequip the planter with a drainage layerso that the moisture can be well regulated. With the right drainage layer, flower tubs without holes can also be placed indoors.

2.2. Self-catering with irrigation systems

The right drainage
Pour a layer of gravel into the planter. Now put a layer of expanded clay on the gravel and cover it with potting soil. The soil must occupy the largest volume in the planter to create enough space for the roots.

Good news for those who travel a lot: their plants can also take care of themselves. With modern irrigation systems, it always stays green in the pots and on the balcony.

Thanks to built-in water tanks, the irrigation systems can deliver optimally metered amounts of water to the earth for weeks. Stiftung Warentest has tested the 16 room and balcony irrigation systems.

Tip: Since the installation of the irrigation systems can be complicated at first, they should be installed and tested a few days before the trip. This will save you the big hassle at the last minute.

2.3. The flowerpot as air purifier

Flowers and plants clean and improve the air in your interior. Unlike previously thought, the main work of cleaning takes place over the roots. So if you put special emphasis on the air purification, the AIRY pot allows a healthy indoor climate.

In an intensive plant research the special technology of AIRY was developed, which promotes the air exchange at the roots and removes the pollutants from the air.

2.4. Exceptional flowerpots

Flower Pots Comparison 2018: 2018

With a hanging flower lamp you set colorful accents.

In dizzy heights: A great change and modern alternative standing plants are freely hanging hanging baskets.

Whether in the living room, on the balcony or in the garden - hanging flower pots with a bushy fern or a climbing flower are one charming eye-catcher. The nice side effect here: They save space and place, especially in summer, colorful color accents.

3. Purchase advice for the right flower pot

3.1. The right material

An important purchase criterion for flowerpots is the material.Plant pots are usually made of plasticbecause it is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface. Mold, fungi and bacteria are difficult to spread.

Plastic pots do not absorb water and therefore provide a good reason for plants that prefer moist soil. As plastic pots are very shatter-proof and light, they are suitable for a household with small children and as a flower box for the balcony.

Popular material for flowerpots in tests is clay and terracotta. Thanks to the natural aesthetics, a clay pot immerses your balcony in an Italian flair. Since clay and terracotta is also very heavy, a clay pot does not tip over so quickly in windy weather. However, the surface provides a good soil for limescale and germs and is more expensive to clean.

Danger: As clay and terracotta absorb water, it can cause frost damage in winter. In order to avoid breaking the clay pot surface, clay pots should be placed in the house in winter. Alternatively, they can be placed close to the house wall and covered with a straw mat.

Zinc pots have become increasingly popular in recent years. Since zinc suffers from constant wetness, zinc pots are usually used as planters. However, with the right drainage, zinc pots can also be planted directly. For example, you can buy a cheap flower pot made of zinc online.

Flower Pots Comparison 2018: comparison

Zinc pots are atmospheric decoration elements.

Natural stone and concrete in chic gray are well suited as flower pots for outdoor use and can be on the balcony or in the garden all year round.

Since the materials are very heavy, garden plants can hardly overturn in these vessels. In contrast to clay, plant pots made of concrete and natural stone also have no risk of frost damage.

Even ceramic flower pots have weathered the cold test well, because thanks to the glazed surface no water can accumulate in the material.

If you would like to put on pots of wood in the color brown, make sure that they have a film inside to prevent the rotting of wood.

3.2. The right pot size

In order to give the root system the best possible development, it is important to choose the right dimensions for the personal plant pot test winner. The diameter of the plant pot should be a few centimeters larger than that of the root ballto provide enough room for new soil and root growth.

If a too small pot is chosen, the plant will have to be repotted soon. When choosing the flower pot, pay attention to the shape of the roots. When choosing the pot size, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Size of the roots
  • Growth type of roots: shallow or deep
  • Enough room for new plant substrate
  • Pot size (measures in cm) should be proportional to the plant - not too big and not too small

4. Questions and answers about flowerpots

4.1. When and how often do you need to repackage?

As soon as the roots of your plant protrude from the drain holes of the plant pot or grow out of the soil, you should repot. The potting interval thus depends heavily on the growth of the plant. Basically, you should repot in the spring, The new nutrients of the flowerpot horses ensure a strong and even growth.

4.2. How to clean a clay or terracotta pot?

The lime in the irrigation water collects easily on the surface of clay and terracotta. Those who disturb these deposits can easily remove them. Soak the pot overnight in a solution of water and vinegar essence and then remove the limescale with a brush.

4.3. How can I beautify my flowerpots?

Flower Pots Comparison 2018: comparison

Clay pots conjure up a Mediterranean flair.

Once you've found the flowerpot of your choice, you can easily turn it into a floating flowerpot using the macrame technique.

Even the painting of the flower pots for the interior is easy and fast with acrylic paint. If you like it very well, you can refine your pots for flowers with a marble foil.

5. The right potting soil

The right soil promises strong and healthy growth. Be sure to use the soil with the right nutrients for the plants.

For herbs, there are special herbal earth, which is tailored to the required nutritional needs of basil or rosemary. Also, the water permeability of the earth is an important criterion in the choice of potting soil.

Stiftung Warentest has subjected some potting soil for your flowers and plants to the test. Often there is a peat share in favorable soil. Although peat has a bad reputation, peat soil can also bring benefits for your houseplants and flowers.

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