Create flowerpots yourself

Create flowerpots yourself: pots

With a few beautiful flowerpots you can embellish any corner of the street in a quick and effective way, This is especially true if you decide to marry the pots.

In the shade, flowering plants are rather rare and less colorful. The few that exist do not bloom for a whole season. Bright white pots with interesting, colorful accents are a good way to bring color into play.

Marrying flowerpots yourself is easy and fun. A nice project - also to tinker with children. All you need is a bucket, clay pots, white acrylic paint and nail polish in beautiful colors.

In addition, nice weather, potting soil and a few plants: you can start. Attention, finished... to the pots and marbled!

Tip: In any case, put together a small group, then they work best.

Material needs to make flowerpots themselves

materialCost planning approx.
Clay pots and coasters6,90 €
White acrylic paint7,00 €
Nail polish in different colors13,00 €
Disposable gloves3,00 €
kitchen rollfrom the kitchen
nail polish remover6 €

Create flowerpots yourself: pots

Use cheap nail polish in different colors

Many materials, like Old nail polish or flowerpots, can be safely in the houset find. But they are also available on, as our examples show.

Step 1: Preparation

Fill a bucket 2/3 with water and let stand until the Water room temperature reached has (important, otherwise it does not work with the paint). Place all utensils at hand - a pad (cardboard is well suited) to spread out, where the pots can dry.

Step 2: Paint pots white

All flower pots are now including inner edge and coasters painted with the acrylic paint white, This is virtually the primer for our marbling. Since clay is relatively absorbent, are in the in most cases two coats required. Let it dry until the color is firm.

Create flowerpots yourself: flowerpots

Paint flowerpots inside and outside

Create flowerpots yourself: yourself

For good coverage, stroke 2x

Step 3: Drip nail polish into the water to marinate

Now you drip a color combination that you Like from the nail polish bottles on the water surface, With a Toothpick or stick you can mix the colors and draw shapes, similar to milk foam on coffee.

However, nail polishes have the pros and cons of that dry quickly, Therefore work quickly. For complicated patterns, you should use other paints (more advanced).

Create flowerpots yourself: yourself

Room-warm water and nail polishes

Create flowerpots yourself: yourself

Pictures almost alone

Step 4: Marble flowerpots

Next is the first pot with one side in the bucket dipped. The Lackspiegel lays like a skin on the clay pot, where he meets it. That's why it's best to turn it a little while immersing.

If you dive the pot just with the bottom of the pot down or up first, then this results in a kind of border. Experiment a bit - maybe first with a piece of cardboard.

Create flowerpots yourself: pots

Turn flower pot while marbling

After each flowerpot you should with something Wash paper towel in a sieve or slotted spoon roughly the paint residues.

Harmonious, if one Color in the marbling of all pots vorkommt. Then the other colors can change or the focal points. Place the marbled flowerpot on the surface with the bottom facing downwards to dry and place the Marble next pot or saucer.

Create flowerpots yourself: yourself

Marbled mats

Step 5: Planting the self-designed flowerpots

Create flowerpots yourself: yourself

Fill yours even marbled flower pots with potting soil and use your plants.

It may be quieter with such effective pots. Green plants, white flowering plants and grasses are a good cast.

You can also plant the pots with the same flowers or grasses, the pots bring enough variety to the eye.

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