Flowers as a souvenir and party gift

Floral arrangements as an individual and stylish present for the summer party

Flowers as a souvenir and party gift: party

A bowl planted with flowers - selected according to the preferences of the hosts - is a fitting gift for the summer party. (Photo: GMH)

(GMH) Summertime - Party Time: Zum good sound is of course a suitable gift for the dedicated hosts. Oncolorful bouquet of flowers is still a good choice.

Whoever wants to present a floral present with "lasting value" chooses as creative alternative a decorative, shell planted with summer flowers. She lets herself wonderfully individual shape.

The choice of plants can also be based on their home furnishings. Or that Plant and flower ensemble have already announced their next holiday destination, If you can not appreciate the taste of the hosts, choose a fashionable arrangement in neutral tones.

There are no taboos. Even the red rose, the flower of the lovers, may in one Shell always combined as a splash of color become.

Anke Willberg, Managing Director of the agency for contemporary manners in Bonn, gives the tip: "Special attention is paid to selecting the flowers according to the individual preferences of the hosts. For example, in their favorite colors. "

Flower bowl as a party souvenir - everything works

The perfect guest brings the flower present one day before in the late afternoon either by himself or has it delivered in advance.

So the hosts have enough time for the Decoration the best place to find. This applies in particular if the celebration does not take place at home, for example in a restaurant. If the gift is presented to the party, it must be brought home later with others.

In no case may one Card for the friendly floral greeting absence. "I do not recommend standard cards with pre-printed formulations," says Willberg.

A slate card or yourself Designed variant of solid paper with handwritten greeting message will definitely be remembered.

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