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Purchase advice on the fly screen comparison or test 2018

  • Whether flies, mosquitoes, spiders or beetles: The small animals can be a plague, especially in the summer, which annoys some people, while chilling others on the back.
  • With fly screens, you can effectively defend against burglary insects and arachnids by blocking their favorite loopholes - windows and balcony doors.
  • Fly screens can easily be attached to your window with adhesive tape or a little more elaborate aluminum frame. Also, the color is not only a matter of taste, but can also influence the light into your home.

Fly screen comparison 2018: 2018

Unsuspecting, you lie back on your bed, your mouth open, your sleep deep - and just that moment the spider uses to rappel without detours into your mouth. A myth that has long been refuted, but shows: The fear of spiders and also beetles is pronounced. Almost a third of the population is afraid of the small animals (Source: Statista). But how do you protect yourself from the animal threat, if in the summer the window should stay open overnight? The answer is as simple as it is effective: the fly screen.

We have examined the various products in our Fly Screen Comparison 2018 in more detail and offer you a compact purchase advice, with the help of which you can quickly determine your personal fly screen test winner.

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1. The fly screen: Effective protection against uninvited guests

A question of the blood

That some people are particularly popular targets for mosquitoes because of their sweet blood is another myth. However, the stinging insects actually have a soft spot for people with blood type 0, Only half as attractive is blood group A, while people with blood group B are in the midfield of the mosquito popularity scale.

Not only the partly dreaded spiders and beetles can be kept away with fly screensEven pests such as mosquitoes and flies can be denied access to the kitchen or the bedroom. The fly screen is so, despite his name on the fly, a name universal arachnida and insect protection, which can be of great use, especially in the summer.

The fly screen - often called insect screen, fly window or mosquito screen - is usually mounted on the window frame, while it does not restrict the functionality of the window. Visually, users often perceive them less and less often after some timeTypically, with the colors white, anthracite and black, there are three options to choose from, according to taste.

If you have a cellar, You should also think of a light protection cover. Otherwise, your lightwell can quickly accumulate large amounts of leaves, dirt and creepy-crawlies.

2. Fixed frame or window frame: These types of screens exist

In principle, there are only two categories of fly screens, which we would like to introduce below.

Mosquito nets Typecharacteristics
Fly screen for gluing

Fly screen comparison 2018: screens

  • Velcro strip is glued to the window frame
  • Then attach the fly screen to the Velcro strip
  • flexibly cut to size
  • For example, suitable for roof windows
  • easy construction
  • should not be solved too often, because Velcro loses its grip
  • cheap flyscreen type
Fly screen with frame

Fly screen comparison 2018: screens

  • Fly screens with frames for windows or doors
  • also usable as a roller blind
  • uncomplicated opening possible with window or door insect screen
  • Passing through or opening to watering possible
  • Fly screen also removable
  • Frame often made of aluminum
  • some models can not be easily shortened - if necessary, a specialist may need to tailor fly screens to measure
  • Mounting a bit more complicated than the insect screen for gluing
  • more expensive than adhesive insect screens

Adhesive insect screens are more widespread than fly screens with frames, which is why we offer you the Advantages and disadvantages of insect repellent for gluing to summarize again:

  • Easier in the points attachment and cropping
  • more flexible
  • usually washable - especially interesting in smoker households
  • better
  • avoid regular opening as much as possible (for example, watering flowers)
  • usually not usable as insect screen door

3. Purchase criteria for fly screens: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The right type: aluminum frames or roller blinds can be opened easily

Due to the low purchase price and the ease of use, many people access the fly screen with adhesive or velcro strips. This is also our recommendation if you are looking for a fly screen, which should not be opened normally.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an insect screen, there is no way around a product with an aluminum frame, These can be easily opened and closed if you want to go through the door.

If you have flowers on the windowsill that want to be watered regularly, we recommend a fly screen roller blind with aluminum frame.

Fly screen comparison 2018: screen

An insect screen is ideal for a garden or a balcony.

3.2. The air permeability: Fine fabric provides fresh air

Fly screen comparison 2018: screen

Close-meshed and breathable at the same time: take care to ensure good air circulation.

Especially in the summer, the air is often used for cutting, for example in the kitchen, when there is still cooking.

The best possible air circulation can at least provide some relief. In order not to stand in the way of aeration, your insect nets should be as air-permeable as possible at the window.

Close enough to not let in spiders or mosquitoes, of course, the fly screens are still - but especially fine tissue can let the air pass better.

Heat accumulation in the attic: In summer, it can be very hot and stuffy, especially in the attic. Here it is even more advisable to pay close attention to the air permeability of the mosquito nets for the window.

3.3. The color: bright insect screens for more light

Fly screen comparison 2018: comparison

In order to reduce the sunlight to a comfortable level, for example, black fly screens offer.

Depending on how much sun shines on your window and how much sunlight you want to let into the room at all, with the right color of your insect screen you can optimally exploit or limit the amount of light.

If you want to dampen a strong sunlight, a fly screen in anthracite or black might help, In this way light-sensitive people can reduce the glare and look out of the window in a more relaxed way.

In low light, however, offer white fly screens, They do not darken the room unnecessarily. This can be recommended, for example, in windows that are facing the courtyard.

3.4. UV resistance: Dark colors fade in sunlight

Especially with dark colors, you should pay attention to a good UV resistance of your insect screens.

Dark colors tend to fade under the influence of sunlight, which can give them a yellowed appearance.

In order to give you a better overview of the large number of products on the market, we present a list of well-known and established brands in the field of fly screens. Above all, the Tesa Insect Stop is one of the most popular products in this category in various sizes and is due to the brand Tesa probably one of the most famous representatives. But also the Roof window manufacturer Velux offers high quality insect screens.

  • Apalus
  • Easy life
  • tissue-profi
  • pike
  • Jarolift
  • Mako
  • Matrasa
  • Neher
  • Original S.W.A.T.
  • Schellenberg
  • tesa
  • TV The original
  • Unimet
  • Velux

5. Questions and answers about the topic of fly screens

5.1. How do I attach a fly screen?

When gluing the screen, it is important to first clean the window frame thoroughlyto allow an optimal hold of the adhesive. Then the adhesive tape is glued to the then possibly pre-cut fly screen is attached by Velcro.

Installing a fly screen with a frame is already more difficult. How to accomplish this little feat, you can see in the following YouTube video:

5.2. How can I clean my fly screen?

Fly screen comparison 2018: screen

Special cleaning brushes for fly screens also serve their purpose.

Adhesive fly screens can usually be washed at 30° in the washing machine.

And even the best fly screen for hanging should be sucked off at least occasionally.

It is even better if you remove the grid to thoroughly clean it in the shower or in the garden with water.

Regular purging and washing removes pollen and dirt particles that can obstruct air circulation. Especially with strong pollen is a regular cleaning - especially for allergy sufferers - therefore advisable.

5.3. How much is a fly screen?

If you would like to buy particularly cheap fly screens, you will find what you are looking for from around seven euros and still have a high-quality product in your hands.

Fly screen comparison 2018: screen

Be sure to thoroughly clean the window inner frame before attaching the tape.

Usually, the prices for fly screens are also between ten and thirty euros.

However, you can also find insect screens and roller blinds for over 200 euros, which include, for example, a sliding mechanism or a blackout blind.

5.4. Did Stiftung Warentest carry out a fly screen test?

Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a fly screen test yet, but already in 2002 it dealt with the possibilities of insect control and avoidance in their own four walls. It also became Fly screens against spiders and other animals as an option for retrofitting windows and doors mentioned.

6. Insect screen

The insect screen for windows and doors offers a particularly high-quality and functional protection and prevents annoying insect pests quickly, safely and stylishly. Above all, the system uses high-quality materials to ensure high aesthetics and functionality: windows and doors can be closed and opened safely and precisely with a slight pull. Complete systems consist of a roller blind cassette and a durable fiberglass fabric.

Fitting fly screens can be a fiddly and complicated thing. But not with a patented system that can be easily removed and re-clamped in the windows. Since fly screens should be cleaned regularly, this is also necessary.

For permanent insect protection in your own four walls, more and more consumers are relying on permanently mountable and visually high-quality mosquito nets with sturdy frames. The sturdy frame construction and the durable fiberglass fabric are impressive. Extra-wide profiles of 28 mm cover the ends of the fiberglass fabric and ensure a visually high-quality design. Optionally available with white or brown frame, the fiberglass fabric allows the optimal view outside.

Even without special craftsmanship, installation is extremely uncomplicated. For the frame, the aluminum profiles are assembled according to a self-explanatory system.

No drilling necessary

It eliminates the compulsory drilling completely. Instead, suspension springs are clamped directly into corner joints of the aluminum frame. Subsequently, the aluminum frame is hung only in the window frame.

Practical for the user: The window frames remain intact, and installation is easily possible from the inside and therefore also on higher floors.

Fast clamping thanks to the click system

At the heart of the user-friendly design is the specially developed Click system. Whether windows or doors: the grille is clamped comfortably with the aid of the plastic profile, which is clamped into the frame by clicking and reliably fixes the grille. The frame gets extra stability and the screen does not hang. In addition, the fly screen can easily be cut to any desired format.

7. Insect protection roller blinds for skylights

In contrast to conventional windows, skylights are not only smaller, but are also slanted. Although normal insect screens can be cut to the desired size, not every type of installation can withstand the slope. Due to the angle, the top of the fly screen must completely carry the weight of the material. Fly screens, which are attached via adhesive strips or Velcro, rarely withstand this pressure.

The well-known manufacturer Velux has therefore come up with a solution: Insect protection in the form of a roller blind, which is mounted by attaching a roller blind box. If you do not need the roller blind when the window is closed, you can roll it up and hide it in the box. This allows you to see through the window throughout the year and you do not have to remove and mount the fly screen with every window cleaning.

8. Fly screens for doors

Fly screens for doors can be safely and reliably attached to any standard door frame using adhesive strips without drilling - whether balcony, terrace or conservatory. After the insect season, the grid can be removed without a trace. The slats can be individually shortened to the respective door width and are also available for particularly wide and high doors.

9. Insect protection as a swing door

Hot days and balmy evenings seduce doors and windows permanently open. But that does not only bring a cooling breeze in living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. Even annoying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, beetles, etc. understand the open doors as an invitation. Fresh air and simultaneous protection against unwelcome animal intruders offer insect screens.

Swing doors that can be easily opened in both directions with a push of the elbow or the foot are particularly useful for frequently used passageways such as patio and balcony doors. Even those who have both hands full, do not have to sell anything to open the insect screen swing door of Lämmermann - no matter whether the way leads in or out. Magnets incorporated in the profile ensure an independent, fast and above all silent closing. The "swinging back" eliminates closing by hand. An additional, circumferential brush seal makes the penetration of insects almost impossible.

Various mounting frame variants and a mounting depth allow easy installation on all current, existing door variants. For easier cleaning or in the winter months, the insect screen swing door can be easily inserted and removed, because the locking mechanism is not firmly connected to the rotary wing. Since all aluminum profiles and fittings are powder-coated and therefore UV- and weather-resistant, the door can also be used throughout the year or remain outside. A care or maintenance of the fitting kit is not necessary.

10. Roller blind door and rotating elements

Roller blind doors can be moved steplessly and remain in any desired position. The advantage of this system is that no space is required in front of or next to the door when opening - roller blind doors are rolled up in a cassette. Since the guide rails are only a few millimeters high, the installation of this system does not create a trip hazard trap.

Another variant is rotary elements, which are mounted according to requirements and spatial conditions so that they can be opened either inwards or outwards. They are particularly useful for doors, e.g. to remain open for flower-growing for some time.

The function of doors, windows and shutters is impaired by the incorporation of any of the door variants in any way. But all offer the same good protection against mosquitoes and other vermin.

11. Pollen protection grid

Depending on the weather, the allergenic pollen of hazel and alder usually spreads from January. In the case of an unusually warm winter, however, they reach their bloom already six weeks before. For the 12 million people suffering from allergies, this means that they have to adjust to changing load phases in the future and possibly even have to prepare for them sooner. Basically, if you regularly observe the regional pollen forecast, you can react early.

Persons who, in the time of pollen flight, are particularly strong under symptoms unfortunately, should restrict their stay in the wild during this time.Allergy sufferers are not completely protected even in their own four walls, pollens on clothes, shoes and hair in the living room reach. Follow our tips so you can rest in your own home, despite the pollen allergy:

  • banish carpets and other dust collectors from your home
  • buy a vacuum cleaner with anti-allergic function
  • worn clothing should not be collected in a laundry basket in the bedroom, but banished into the bathroom
  • It is best to wash your hair every night before going to bed to wash out pollen
  • Ventilate the apartment either early in the morning or late at night, when the concentration of pollen in the air is the lowest

Those who want to let in air during the day are recommended to use close-meshed pollen guards for windows and balcony doors, which let in enough fresh air, but serve as a barrier for fine pollen and insects.

12. Highly transparent fly screen

Dark rooms and a disturbed view to the outside are often mentioned on the consumer side as arguments against the purchase of fly screens. An insect protection element consists of 95% tissue. The transparency and the air flow are significantly influenced by the gauze. The combination of material, function and quality is an essential quality feature.

We therefore recommend a newly developed transparent fabric, which offers a clear and free view to the outside. The new "see-through fabric" significantly improves living comfort. It consists of an ultrafine and tear-resistant high-tech thread that allows increased light and air flow. The difference to a conventional fabric is clearly noticeable. For example, the air flow improves by 124% compared to a standard fabric, the incidence of light increases by 33%.

A gauzy thread is at first contradictory to a sufficient resistance. So it was necessary to achieve a certain robustness in the development process. In order to be able to offer a weather-resistant fabric, they used a material that has been used successfully for years in the outdoor shading sector.

In addition, this plastic thread offers a high degree of elasticity. Even after coarser contacts, it can be easily returned to its original form and leaves no bumps or other signs of wear.

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