A screen door is easy to build by yourself

In many warm areas of the world, fly screen doors are standard on front doors. Most of them are lightweight wooden or aluminum frame, in which gauze is stretched. Function and operation are simple and it is easily possible to build a durable and protective screen door itself.

Simple frame construction

The screen door is a lightweight frame construction that is inserted into the door soffit or placed on the masonry from inside or outside. In particular, the patch variant is easy to implement by hand.

Since the function of the door is geared exclusively to insect protection, eliminates more complicated activities such as the self-build a door lock or a complex door lock. In the usual magnetic closures no door trap must be set.

The price for insect protection swing doors can be up to eighty percent lower than the finished product. The decisive cost criterion is the grid or fabric material of which the gauze is made. Available are wire mesh and fabrics made of textiles and glass fiber.

How to build a fly screen door

  • Wooden strips 5 × 2 cm (width by depth)
  • Matching right-angled moldings
  • Elastic self-adhesive sealing tape
  • gauze
  • Tape measure or folding rule
  • Staplers and staples
  • Wood or aluminum glue
  • milling machine
  • chisels

1. measuring

If the frame is fixed in the soffit, the internal dimensions are decisive. When mounted, the frame inner sides must complete with the reveal edge.

2. Assemble the frame

Construct a rectangular frame with at least one, better two cross braces. Halve the corner ends of the strips with a chisel in the length of the last width for the corner overlap. The recesses for the cross struts cut you out. Glue and screw the overlays.

3. Cover the frame

Lay the tolerance-cut gauze on the frame. At the outer edges, fold two or three layers of gauze over one another and staple the gauze under tension from one corner.

4. Secure the cover

Glue the rectangular moldings.

5. Adjust frame and door

Attach two open top hinges to the frame. Glue on either the inside of the door frame or on the wall frame elastic sealing tape to seal the door.

6. Fit the lock and the door knob

Screw a control element for door operation like a doorknob you have made yourself and mount a magnetic lock.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to give your screen door increased stability, you can attach to the cross braces door hinges that are hung in retaining pins.

Video Board: Simple Screen Door