Construction foam against mice

Construction foam is often considered as an agent against mice and possibly rats. However, conventional PU foam is unsuitable. Learn how you can still use construction foam against mice and possibly rats.

Construction foam as protection against mice or rats

Building foam or mounting foam is often "misappropriated". For example, construction foam is often used against wasps, but also against mice and rats. In particular, when the rodents begin to colonize areas, for example, in the attic, in the basement or between masonry and insulation.

Typical building pests

This can cause enormous damage. The following rodents must be distinguished:

  • field mice
  • shrews
  • rats

Do not underestimate mice

Even such small gaps, which would be supposedly too small for a mouse, are nevertheless no obstacle. Field mice can overcome gaps and cracks with a maximum size of 10 mm. Shrews can even literally squeeze through gaps of 5mm maximum size.

Even harder building materials are often no obstacle

Closing with concrete or another building material is often not an option because, for example, certain columns must be open for venting. If necessary, building materials like concrete do not even help when the rodent has a target. Because the teeth of rats and mice have a hardness of between 9 and 9.6. For comparison: the hardness of glass is 6, with high quality diamonds of 12.

Special PU foam against mice

This suggests that conventional foam construction will initially not be a real obstacle for a mouse. However, you can also purchase the PU foam enriched with certain chemicals. However, these chemical additives do not kill the animals. Rather, the mounting foam receives thereby a for the mice downright unbearable taste and they let it off.

Conventional construction foam against rodents

Now, some homeowners may assume that at certain points of the building a special construction foam with additives against mice would be enough precaution. Unfortunately this is not so. Because construction foam is not helpful against insects like wasps or the wasps related ants. If a building or a specific area is to be efficiently protected against all these animals, you must also take separate measures.

Tips & Tricks

If you plan to build a new building or hire a company for renovation or renovation work, you can provide the new building and possibly also the renovation work (depending on the scope) with an additional contract clause "mausdicht".

Although mausdicht is not a standardized term, however, this is used for building contracts as a common definition when necessary gaps and cracks are to be protected on a building against mice and rats. In this respect, "mausdicht" is therefore associated with a certain contractual significance.