Clean a foam gun

There are special foam cleaners for cleaning PU foam guns. How you use these, we have summarized in the following guide for you in detail.

Use of PU foam in cartridges and foam guns

PU foam can be processed differently. First and foremost are disposable cartridges. But these have the disadvantage that the can should be emptied as possible in a single pass. Moreover, they are relatively expensive and expensive to manufacture. Therefore, there are also systems for PU foam with foam guns.

This will clean your PU foam gun

These foam guns need to be cleaned again and again to prevent old foam from caking inside and clogging the gun. For cleaning you can resort to different means:

  • Generally PU foam cleaner
  • Solvents such as acetone
  • special gun foam cleaner

Clean the foam gun with a special gun cleaner

We recommend the use of a special cleaner for foam guns. These differ mainly in the application. These detergent boxes are equipped with a threaded closure and a conventional spray attachment, as you know it from other spray cans.

Clean foam gun externally

First you have to remove the foam cartridge. Note that there may still be pressure on the system. After removing the cartridge, you can see the threaded connection. This area is now sprayed using the spray head. Let the solvent act. Then clean the area with a clean rag.

Clean the spray system inside the foam gun

Now that the outer area of ​​the spray gun is cleaned, the inner spray system is cleaned. To do this, the cleaner cartridge with the threaded connection must be placed on the spray gun and fastened.

Now the foam gun is operated as in the conventional processing of construction foam. Allow so much solvent to flush through the system until no more PU foam is pressed out, and the solvent will exit cleanly.

Clean the foam gun at regular intervals

Now the foam gun is clean again and can be used without any restrictions at the next use. How often you clean the foam gun depends on how often you use it. Of course, if you work full-time and work the whole week, of course, you do not have to clean it after each foaming of PU foam.

Tips & Tricks

PU foam does not just have to be removed from the foam gun. Depending on the work, it is also possible that you have to remove the foam on the skin or in textiles. In the two guidebooks you will get more information and tips.

Video Board: How to clean a blocked foam gun