Remove construction foam from the window frame

Construction foam or PU foam is used for many jobs. Especially the mounting of windows with construction foam is known to do-it-yourselfers. When assembling but can always get some mounting foam on the window frame. How you can remove the foam from the window frame, we have summarized here.

Possible applications of mounting foam

The applications of PU foam are really versatile. For example, the construction foam is used for the following assembly work:

  • for mounting doors and windows
  • for insulating pipes
  • for the roof insulation
  • for filling cavities
  • for filling and plastering breakthroughs

This allows you to remove construction foam from the window frame

Even if it is not discussed further, you can also carry out the window and door assembly according to RAL with PU foam - at least in part. Thus, there is the fundamental risk that PU foam also reaches the window frame. There are several ways to remove it:

  • chemical removal immediately after foaming (before the foam hardens)
  • mechanical removal (after the foam has cured)
  • using certain means preventive protection against sticking

The chemical removal of construction foam from the window frame

To remove the foam, there are special PU foam cleaners. In addition, you can also use acetone or products containing acetone; such as many nail polish removers. However, the construction foam must not be dried yet. It is important to note the different curing durations between 2-component foam and 1-component foam.

You also have to make sure that the surface is compatible with the cleaner or acetone. Certain layers of paint, prints (in plastic windows), window plastics can be attacked by the cleaner. So first try the cleaning agent in an area that will not be visible later.

Mechanically remove construction foam from the window frame

The mechanical removal of PU foam is the best known method. To do this, first use a utility knife and carefully cut off the top foam layer after it has fully cured. The lower remaining layer is now removed either very carefully with a scraper (as for ceramic hobs), steel wool or a soft wire brush.

What ultimately matters depends on the sensitivity of the material that makes up the window frame. It may well be the case that you are using the wrong tool to damage the surface of the window frame. On the other hand, you may not be able to fully clean open-porous wooden window frames from the PU foam.

Prevent the PU foam from sticking together

For such sensitive window frames in every respect, you can use a trick. As is known, mounting foam does not adhere to very smooth surfaces. Therefore you can glue the window frame before foaming with plastic tape, which is smooth on the outside. After mounting with the construction foam, wait only until the foam has hardened. Now you can remove the dried PU foam.

Tips & Tricks

When processing, it can happen that you get the foam on the hands or skin. How to remove the foam from the skin or the hands, you can read here.

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