Fog Fountain - all facts

Fog fountains look exciting and create, especially when they are still lit, a nice atmosphere. However, they often promise a lot more. This is how they should increase the indoor humidity and eliminate the negative effects of the dry heating air. An ionization of the air promise some fog wells. Here are the facts.

Fog fountain - nice decoration object

One thing is already out of the question, fog wells look very decorative. They are also available in many different decors that fit any interior or garden style. Then, however, the ghosts divide at the fog well. Because the device brings, especially in the interior but quite dangerous.

Function of the fog well

A mist fountain usually consists of a flat, arched shell in which the water is located. Just below the surface of the water is a piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, which atomises the water so finely that the tiny drops of water turn into a mist. Colored lighting enhances the impression of a dense fog.

Improvement of humidity

The amount of water that actually gets into the air is very low. Most of the fog sinks back into the shell as it is not really an evaporation. Larger indoors is therefore the risk of damage to furniture and floor coverings. Anyone who does not happen to have a floor covering made of tiles should do without the mist fountain in the house altogether.

Ionization of the room air or germ extractor

Since it is not a real nebulization, but only an atomization, which can perform the ultrasonic device, according to the experts, neither the water nor the fog or the room air is ionized.

It is even recommended by the manufacturers of most of the fog wells to use only distilled water. Experts even recommend cooking the water again when allergies or babies are in the household. So that no germs really settle in the air, the well should be cleaned after each use and only be refilled directly before a new use.

Disadvantages at a glance

  • falling fog damages surrounding furniture, floor coverings and home textiles
  • high risk of contamination in the water-bearing elements
  • Humidification too low
  • Ionization of the room air is not given

Fog fountain in the garden

Almost all the disadvantages that the fog well developed within the house, of course, omitted outdoors. So the fountain, thanks to its lighting on the terrace is better off than in the apartment.

But here too care should be taken when dealing with water changes and cleaning. Exactly because here also foreign germs are brought in by birds and other animals, Umatzende, who inhale the fog can suffer health damage.

Tips & Tricks

If you are primarily concerned with a healthy humidification of the air, a real humidifier that works with the appropriate filters, the much better and healthier choice. This may not look so good, but he blows no germs in the air.

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