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Purchase advice on folding cart comparison or test 2018

  • A folding cart is a practical vehicle for zoo and leisure park visits. Running tired children can sit or lie down in it and, thanks to a soft top, they are also protected from sunburn.
  • Many of the tested models convince with good handling characteristics. If you want to use your vehicle even in rough terrain or on the beach, a smooth pneumatic tires is recommended.
  • When buying, please note both of the following dimensions: The size when folded out tells you how much seat area the car offers, and the size when folded allows you to see whether the car also fits in your trunk.

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: wagon

Carts can be rented in many zoos for a small fee. For children tired when strolling from enclosure to enclosure depending on the age significantly faster than adults. However, to ensure that the visit to the zoo does not end after just a few hours, a practical means of transport is ideal: Children can find themselves sitting or lying down in the wagon Cookies to rest and - in the wake of the parents - can still marvel at the animals.

Anyone who regularly travels with his offspring to the zoo, the amusement park or the beach and does not want to be dependent on the availability of rental carts, buys his own handcart. For trips by car The foldable version is particularly suitable, which, when folded, requires little space in the boot.

Find out how to find the right fold-away wagon for your needs in our foldable wagon test 2018.

1. What is a foldable cart?

The wagons we tested essentially consist of one folding metal frame on four wheels, one Cover made of fabric and a drawbar.

In contrast to the standard cart, which is often made of wood, a folding cart is particularly well suited for longer trips: It can be easily folded up and stowed in the trunk and quickly made ready for use again at the destination. Unlike the standard cart, it does not have to be disassembled into pieces, so too no tools for assembly and dismantling needed becomes.

Due to the good workmanship of many models, the practical foldability is hardly at the expense of stability. In the following we have presented briefly and clearly, for which purposes a normal Wooden wagon and for which one more foldable model recommended is:

Wooden wagonHandcart (foldable)

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: comparison

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: wagon

made of natural materials
very stable
ideal for short trips to the playground
bulky to stow and transport
Wood needs regular care
made of plastic and / or metal
ideal for longer trips by car
to save space and to transport
mostly wipeable, weatherproof cover
Tip: While a wooden wagon is well-suited for daycare groups moving only in the neighborhood, a foldable wagon will meet the needs of very mobile, enterprising families.

2. What applications are there for foldable carts?

A foldable wagon can be used very versatile: for both children and adults it is a practical Companions shopping, for Sunday trips and even at work in the allotment garden, Where the foldable wagon can be used everywhere, we have researched in the foldable wagon comparison for you.

2.1. Transport of children

The handcart in foldable design owes its popularity primarily to its field of application as a means of transport for children. Especially older children who are already too tall for the buggy or the sports cart, a wagon comes on longer distances. Even if several small children are involved, a wagon is more practical than pushing each child individually in the buggy.

Just like a stroller or a sports cart, the wagon offers plenty of space not only for children but also for their toys, drinks and jackets. Use some pillows or blankets to get out of the vehicle quickly and effortlessly comfortable seating and berth do.

2.2. Transport of purchases and luggage

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: comparison

With the help of a folding cart, food and drinks can be transported.

severity crates With the help of a folding cart, it is much easier to transport from A to B than by pure muscle power. Especially if you have longer distances, e.g. between the parking lot and the front door must be overcome, offers a wagon to effortlessly pulling your purchases on.
Unlike a conventional shopping trolley, the foldable cart has a lot more floor space and is especially suitable for purchasing drinks and larger household items.

2.3. Transport of tools and garden tools

From spring to fall there is always something to do in the garden. If you want to make your way into the allotment garden armed with a watering can, a hedge trimmer and a rake, a foldable cart will help you with all sorts of things bulky garden tools easy to transport in the countryside.

Tip: The advantage of the foldable Bollerwagen is also in its usually easy-care cover. Potting soil and plant remains can be easily wiped off without leaving stains.

2.4. Transport of food

Not only children, but also fathers appreciate the wagon. Year after year it does Father's Day carts good service to young men Ascension of Christ are out with more beer than they can carry.

But not only on Herrentag, but also on all other sunny days of the year is the foldable carts to Picnic meals to take in the park or the lake.

3. Purchase advice for foldable carts

Before you buy a foldable wagon, you should be informed about the most important purchase criteria. In the following you will learn everything essential about properties like the Tires, load capacity and equipment Your personal foldable handcart test winner.

3.1. Tires and driving characteristics

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: comparison

For beach trips are carts with pneumatic tires.

How off-road a folding cart is depends mainly on the type of tires. For the urban asphalt are Solid rubber tires The right choice: They are robust and insensitive to broken glass and sharp objects on the road. In sandy and rough terrain, on the other hand, sometimes you need a little more power to get on with solid rubber tires.

tire are particularly wide and are also suitable for crossing sandy beaches. They are, however, less robust than solid rubber tires and can be damaged by broken glass.

3.2. Stability and resilience

The best foldable wagon is only as good as its maximum load capacity. The load limit, which in some models 50 kg and others even 100 kg should never be exceeded in order to avoid damage and accidents caused by material fatigue.

Especially if you want to transport children or pets with your vehicle, you should use one high quality and up robust materials respect, think highly of. So that you are on the safe side when choosing your desired model, we have marked the products with particularly sturdy workmanship in the foldable wagon test.

3.3. sunroof

Foldable wagon comparison 2018: comparison

A sunshade protects the offspring from sunburn.

So many folding cart can be optionally equipped with a sunroof. So you can small passengers in front of the bright sunlight or even before light rain protect.

While some models have already included this option, the sun canopy must be ordered separately from others at an additional cost. We inform you in the foldable cart comparison of models with included or separately to be acquired sun roof.

Some Advantages and disadvantages of the sunroof we have compiled for you clearly:

  • Protection from sun and rain
  • can be set up or dismantled as needed
  • must be ordered separately for many models
  • requires additional storage space in the car or in the storage room

Note: Many models bring along a sun bag and a carry bag. If you want to carry your wagon for folding over long distances or simply want to stow away from dust in the storage compartment, a carrying case is recommended.

3.4. measurements and weight

Depending on who or what you want to find space in your wagon, the dimensions are not to be underestimated purchase criterion. If several children are to be accommodated in the vehicle, one is sufficiently large seating area recommended.

Tip: Three children find space in a wagon like the Beachtrekker LiFe measuring 137 x 66 x 55 cm.

Make sure that your carts folded even fits in your trunk. So that you can estimate immediately whether your foldable wagon test winner fits your car, we also inform you about the Dimensions of all models in the folded state.

In the following video you will see how one Foldable carts on and is unfolded:

4. Questions and answers about the topic of foldable carts

4.1. Which folding cart is suitable for the beach?

Carts at Stiftung Warentest

Unfortunately, there is still no investigation of the Stiftung Warentest in the category "carts". Other means of transport for childrenthat the Stiftung Warentest has tested are:

  1. buggies
  2. stroller

For the beach and other rough terrain is a foldable carts with pneumatic tiresFor example, the Beachtrekker LiFe.

4.2. Buy a foldable cart - with or without a roof?

Whether or not you need a roof for your foldable wagon will depend on what you want to use the vehicle for. If you only use the wagon for transporting Beverage crates or gardening equipment need a sunscreen is more likely hindering loading and unloading.

For longer Trips with children a sun canopy is urgently recommended. It protects the little passengers from sunburn and, if necessary, from light rain. Even if you use your Falt-Bollerwagen to delicate devices such. a Photography equipment A rain cover is a safe extra equipment to transport outdoors.

4.3. Which important brands and manufacturers for foldable carts are there?

Both Eckla Bollerwagen and Ulfbo Bollerwagen are well received by the buyers. In addition, the Beachtrekker LiFe and the Puky handcart enjoy a large following.

While well-known models such as the Hudora Überländer and Fuxtec's foldable wagon, especially in the Online trade can be purchased, you will find a cheap foldable carts from time to time in the discounter, e.g. the wagon from Aldi or the wagon from Lidl.

Here are the most important brands and manufacturers at a glance:

  • 10T
  • Eckla
  • puky
  • Beachtrekker
  • hudora
  • Outwell
  • Bel-sol
  • Legler
  • Ulfbo
  • Mac sports
  • Royal Beach
  • Kid'n Joy
  • MAC
  • Deuba

4.4. Can I also build a wagon myself?

With a lot of manual skill can also be Build a cart yourself, In the following video you can see how a vehicle of the type wood carts is assembled from a few simple components:

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