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Tinker folding cards: German

Folded cards are gladly given away and sent for every occasion. Whether birth, baptism, birthday, graduation, wedding, bereavement or holiday, a greeting card is always suitable and lets the recipient know that you are thinking of him. A good feeling, whether happy event or depressing bereavement.

With the large supply of purchase cards, the question arises, why even make it yourself. First of all, making crafts is fun and an individually designed greeting card is a much more personal gift than a purchased card.

We have collected some free templates and crafting manuals for card making. So everyone can easily make their own folding cards.

Table of contents about crafting folding cards

  • Make birthday card
  • Tinker Christmas cards yourself
  • Make Easter cards
  • Make mother's day cards
  • Make Valentine's cards yourself
  • Folded cards make a wedding
  • Congratulating greeting cards for baptism, school enrollment and more
  • Making mourning cards yourself
  • Make pop-up cards
  • Make birthday cards, invitation cards, greeting cards yourself

The year and the life offer many opportunities toCelebrate and get-togethers. We have the right ideas:

Menu cards templates
Make money gifts
Make flowers
Make garlands

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Make birthday card

With a lovingly designed birthday card, you will bring joy to little and big birthday kids. Whether as a gift of money or for congratulations: In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly and easily tinker a 3-D card with colorful balloons with construction paper. Make birthday card

Tinker Christmas cards yourself

The post office has a lot to do in the run-up to Christmas, because almost everyone sends gifts and greeting cards by post. Especially nice are homemade Christmas cards, for which you will find templates and craft instructions: making Christmas cards yourself

Make Easter cards

Easter greetings for family, friends and acquaintances are available almost every year. Here you will find free instructions and templates for Easter cards with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter chicks: making Easter cards

Make mother's day cards

If you want to make your own mother happy, you give her a Mother's Day Mother's Day card on Mother's Day. And it's best to add a voucher for housework: make mother's day cards

Make Valentine's cards yourself

How can you show your loved one or your loved one that you love him or her? There are many opportunities. One of them is certainly the self-made, romantic Valentine card: Valetentinskarten tinker yourself

Folded cards make a wedding

At the wedding, a lot of folded cards are handed over and sent. No matter if invitation cards, greeting cards or thank you cards, here you will find suitable craft ideas for the wedding: Folded cards make a wedding

Congratulating greeting cards for baptism, school enrollment and more

In the lives of children and parents, there are a lot of exciting events, such as Birth, communion, confirmation or confirmation. Templates for matching folding cards are available here: Congratulations and greeting cards for baptism, school enrollment and more

Making mourning cards yourself

Death is a depressing event. Who would like to give comfort to the bereaved, sends an encouraging mourning card as an expression of their own sympathy and dismay: Make mourning cards yourself

Make pop-up cards

If simple flip cards are too boring, elaborate pop-up cards are just the thing. Here are free suggestions and templates for hobbyists with dexterity: tinker pop-up cards

Make birthday cards, invitation cards, greeting cards yourself

Birthday Party Invitation Cards

Pirates, princess and Indians as color print templates for download
at: lets-rebuild.com

Make birthday card

With this illustrated instruction you can make a birthday card and decorate with 3-D balloons.
at: lets-rebuild.com

Pop-up Card: Brownies

Elaborate Folded Card with a pop-up chocolate cake - instructions and templates for printing
at Canon Creative Park

White card with pennants

Make a birthday card with colorful pennants - Simple crafting instructions
at How About Orange

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Three ideas for birthday cards with washitape ornament. Illustrated manual.
at one-time wonderland

Balloon Card

With this tutorial you can make a balloon card as an invitation or for a happy birthday
at The Thrifty Ginger

birthday card

Elaborate greeting card with pop-up cake with feeding hedgehogs made of paper
at Bastelelfe

Soccer table decoration and invitation

Ideas for a children's birthday on football with templates for invitation cards as a jersey and tips for a matching table decoration
at hoppsala

Washi Tape Birthday Card

Three Washi Tape Ideas for Birthday Cards: Happy Birthday Lettering, Colorful Birthday Candles, Year Numbers.
at Omiyage Blogs

Greeting card to the house inauguration

Greeting cards in house form for Hauseinweihung or topping. Decorated with washitape. Illustrated manual.
at Omiyage Blogs

greeting card

Crafting instructions for a stamped and punched birthday card with silver ornament stickers
at card dreams

Ingrain card

Make a badge card with a heart for a birthday or Valentine's Day.
at card dreams

Greeting card "Birthday"

Quick solution for a birthday greeting card: print out PDF print template in color, cut out card, fold and write spells
at Nic tinkers

Envelope card for the birthday

Illustrated instructions for a greeting card made of cardboard, which was decorated with stamps
at Paper Passion

birthday card

Make a simple birthday card yourself. Instructions with template for girls or boys to print
at About.com

Simple card

with embroidered candle Instructions as PDF file
at allcrafts

Two beautiful cards

Crafting instructions for two punched and stitched birthday cards made of colored craft cardboard
at Bastel-Elfe

greeting card

Make a special greeting card out of scrapbook paper. Illustrated step-by-step instructions
at craft 1x1

Muffin Card

Illustrated step-by-step instructions for a lavishly decorated birthday card with muffin
at craft 1x1

Two birthday cards

Make your own birthday greeting cards out of wrapping paper, crepe and construction paper yourself
at Bastelfrau

Birthday card with cow

Happy Birthday Greeting Card with Laughing Cow, consists of several layers of scrapbook carton and pink ribbon bow
at Bastelideen

Greeting card for birthday or Mother's Day "Alles Liebe und..."

Make a birthday card made of construction paper and non-woven fabric yourself - instructions with letter template
at bastelideen.info

happy Birthday

Make your own green birthday card and decorate with flower and ribbon
at Bastelideen


Crafting instructions for a shaker card made of textured cardboard and scrapbook paper
at Bastelideen

Pop-up card

Illustrated instructions for various pop-up cards with cut-out motifs made of wrapping paper
at Bastelparadies

Nice card

Make a beautiful birthday card from clay cardboard itself
at Bastelratgeber

Birthday invitation on a paper plate

Illustrated instructions for original birthday invitations from paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery
at Creadoo

Invitation in the form of a message in a bottle

Illustrated manual for a homemade bottle mail with birthday invitation
at Creadoo

Colorful invitation cards

Tinker invitation cards in spring colors for the birthday - Illustrated instructions
at expli

Birthday card for a girl

DIY greeting card in dress shape for a girl's birthday
at Expli

Pop-up birthday card

Make a birthday card with gifts and a pop-up effect
at Familie.de

Print templates for birthday cards

Ready-to-use pattern templates for greeting cards for birthdays of all ages
at Kiki's web


Bastelanleitungen for fast invitation cards for birthday, z. As a puzzle, threatening letter, cloud or colorful card
at Kiki's web

greeting cards

Quick design ideas for birthday greeting cards
at Kiki's web

Invitation card with soccer motive

Make a birthday football invitation out of green photocard itself. Crafting instructions with stencil for printing
in children's world

Birthday invitation with soccer ball

So you create invitation cards with soccer balls yourself - crafting instructions with crafting sheet as a PDF template
at children's games World

Frog Prince Invitation

Tinker invitation cards for a fairytale birthday with frog king motive yourself. Crafting instructions with template as a PDF template
at children's games World

Invitation Indian tent and stake

Tinker invitation cards for an Idian or Wild West birthday party: Tutorial with a craft sheet for an Indian tent or a stake in the stake
at children's games World

Invitation sun with butterfly

Make invitation card for summer birthday party as a sun with a butterfly - Simple instructions with a template as a PDF template
at children's games World

Invitation with elephant

Tinker invitation card with elephants for jungle safari birthday party - crafting instructions with templates as a PDF template
at children's games World

birthday cards

Make original invitation cards and greetings cards from pressed flowers
at coloring pages

Colorful card

with cupcake
at Worldcardmakingday

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