Folding lock comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zur Faltschloss Comparison or Test 2018

  • Folding locks are compared to other types of bicycle locks of a foldable joint construction and therefore take less space during transport.
  • Folding locks are manufacturer-marked by different security levels and also tested by the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V.), which should guarantee the highest possible theft protection.
  • Folding locks are usually attached to the frame by means of a bracket, where they can be stowed more space-saving compared to (similarly secure) padlocks.

Folding lock comparison 2018: folding

Unconnected bicycles, which are parked at the lamppost, in the backyard or at the train station by their owners, are a great find for bicycle thieves dar. It does not matter, whether new or old, big or small, colorful or unobtrusive - all that is not rivet and nails, offers the thief a tantalizing temptation.

But stable and at the same time Anti-theft bicycle locks Often they are heavy and unwieldy, which is why they come with a mostly chunky frame mount that does not necessarily make the bike more attractive. Larger locks, for which there is no bracket, however, have to be transported separately and take up a lot of space in the backpack or bag.

If you still connect your bike safely anyway fall back on a lockable and transportable lock We would like to recommend you our folding lock comparison 2018, in which we are for you the best folding lock have chosen. For this you will also receive a purchase advice from us with important information such as the safety standards for folding locks or the transport options on the bicycle. Furthermore, we would like to point out to you at this point on our other product comparisons on bike lock, which we have carried out for you.

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1. Origami - folding art for the bicycle lock

Which other bicycle locks are available?

In addition to the said folding locks, there are also U-locks, push-in, frame and chain locks, all of which offer good to very good theft protection, but differ in their construction.

It is not recommended to use cable locks or spiral cable locksbecause the protection afforded is very small: even with a side cutter these locks are cracked quickly.

Folding lock comparison 2018: comparison

Foldable bicycle locks are easier to transport than, for example, padlocks.

A folding lock is the name given to a type of cycle lock available since 2005, which is distinguished from other castle types by a compact design and thus easier to stow and transport.

A folding lock, also known as the hinge lock, consists of several flat links connected by joints. This is possible collapse the lock, which approximates the operation of a yardstick.

In addition to the choice of materials, which we will discuss in more detail in the remainder of our guide, the shape of the links at the folding lock provides the necessary protection against theft. The flat design makes it difficult to use a bolt cutterand thanks to the articulated construction, not much can be done with a saw.

To protect against scratches on the frame, the locks usually provide one Sheath made of plastic or silicone.

2. What should be considered when buying a folding lock?

2.1. security

Since the safety of the folding lock plays a central role especially for bicycle locks, we would therefore like to point out that different criteria must be used to evaluate them. Manufacturers usually set individual safety standards and levels, on the basis of which the theft protection of the respective lock model can be measured. For this we offer the following overview:

Type / manufacturerNumber of security levels

When choosing the castle, the highest level of security also provides the greatest protection, which, however, is usually reflected in the price, which also increases with increasing theft protection. Adjust the security level to the theft risk you will expose your bike to. A good lock should cost about 10 percent of the purchase price of your bike.

Folding lock comparison 2018: 2018

With a correspondingly strong bolt cutter, almost every ironing, chain or folding lock can be cracked.

Another criterion for assessing the security of folding locks is the Presence of an ADFC certificate. Bicycle locks are tested by the General German Bicycle Club in terms of safety and are identified as safe if the test result is correct.

You are in the category material In addition to metal and steel (alloys) also manufacturer-specific types of steel available, such as Tredock steel Trelock. This alloy is provided with a special coating and therefore particularly insensitive to cold, which protects against the use of a cold spray as a break-up method. In general, locks should be able to withstand the use of the following tools in particular:

The tools of thieves

- Bolt or side cutter
- Hammer
- saw or angle grinder
- Cold spray

Folding lock comparison 2018: lock

If you want to buy a foldable bike lock, you can also determine if it is secured with a key or a combination of numbers without a folding lock test.

Moreover, we would like to point out that folding locks, depending on the typecan be equipped with two different types of closure.

In addition to the traditional key, usually a second and, in some cases, a third party key is included (spare key in case of key loss),there is also the combination lock.

In a combination lock, you can not lose the key, but you have to remember the number combination, which is a problem especially for forgetful people. But the operation of a combination lock is quicker and more complicated - eliminating the hassle of searching for the key.

Tip: For which type of closure you choose, therefore remains more of a matter of taste, especially as the bike lock primarily the material and the shell provide for the theft protection.

2.2. Bracket and accessories

Folding lock comparison 2018: folding

For example, a frame bag is suitable for transporting a folding lock.

If you want to buy a folding lock, we would advise you to pay attention to the mounting method of the holder of the lock.

As you can see from our comparison, most folding locks can be used attach to the bicycle frame or to the bottle holder using a supplied bracket.

However, we would like to remind you that not all bike types are equipped ex works with bottle holders, which is why often only mounting on the frame remains an option. Regarding the accessories can be noted that certain folding lock models have an additional bag with rattle protection for transport, which prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on the folding lock.

There are also models that are available with a code card: If the key is lost, a new key can be reordered without the lock having to be cracked.

2.3. Length and weight

Folding lock comparison 2018: comparison

Looking now at the different lengths of folding locks, it can be seen that These move in a frame of about 85 cm to about 120 cm.

If the bike is to be connected to a bicycle stand with a comparatively small pipe diameter, then in most cases already available in many folding locks 85 to 90 cm in length perfect.

If, on the other hand, you intend to connect your bike to lanterns or trees, a long folding lock may be favorable, which is why we use models here more than 90 cm in length recommend.

In terms of weight, on the other hand, it can be stated that this is about 0.7 to 1.6 kg in articulated locks, whereby differences result from the composition of the steel alloys as well as the casings. In principle, however, can be said as a rule of thumb that higher robustness and stability usually with insensitive to external influences and thus heavier materials be bought.

3. Which folding lock manufacturers are there?

If you are interested in buying a folding lock, we would first like to invite you to the Bike lock test of Stiftung Warentest which was published in issue 05/2015.

A separate Faltschloss test is not yet available from the Stiftung Warentest - so that you can now choose your personal Faltschloss test winner, we would like to list some brands or manufacturers such as founded in 1924 German lock specialists Abus or the same German bicycle accessories supplier Trelock recommend. We have summarized these and other manufacturers in an overview for you below:

  • Abus
  • trelock
  • Crivit
  • Kryptonite
  • Semptec
  • Fafada
  • Ecolle
  • Prophete

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