There are home remedies for cleaning natural stone

Unlike many other cleaning tasks, cleaning natural stone is almost entirely a home remedy. Almost every foreign substance is more damaging than it helps. To remove stains, mechanical vacuuming is best. Besides ordinary water, there is no home remedy that contributes decisively.

Clear water without detergent

Anyone who decides on natural stone on the floor or on the wall should take into account the typical characteristics of natural stone of all kinds. If the natural stone is not sealed, the selection of cleaning substances is very clear. Alkaline, basic and acidic agents attack natural stone. Almost all detergents have these properties. Some pH-neutral special cleansers or soaps can be used, but their effects are very limited.

The care and cleaning can actually be done only with clear water and a little nourishing stone oil. The largest selection of so-called home remedies are available when acute and fresh soiling is processed immediately.

Soak off grease and stains

When removing grease stains, natural rock is a bit reminiscent of textiles. Decisive for the success is above all the speed of the reaction. As long as the impacted polluter is still liquid and did not have much time to penetrate the pores of natural stone, it can be mechanically "intercepted" with several methods:

  • Spread the sawdust evenly thin and repeat several times after dark discoloring
  • Sprinkle small animal litter about one centimeter thick and renew after about five minutes
  • Dust flour from grain in a fast rhythm and aspirate
  • Especially with red wine or blood it is worth trying to bind the liquid with fine salt

Suck off dried grease stains

As with textiles, blotting paper and an iron can help liquefy and "pull out" fat. The method has a natural limit due to the depth of the stain. Often, however, it is possible to mitigate the contrasts of soil stains on the surface.

A subsequent polishing, possibly with a stone oil suitable for the natural stone, can further weaken these edges. Under no circumstances may be recommended as a home remedy universal oils from cooking oil to gun oil. They invade the natural stone, forming different or additional patches and become rancid in the worst case.

Rinse limescale edges

Especially in wet areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen hard limescale spots quickly appear on the natural stone surfaces. Apart from immediately wiping with an absorbent cotton cloth or a rubber lip puller, distilled water can help rinse off the limescale deposits.

Similar to the usual maintenance maintenance, when cleaning the natural stone slabs, the distilled water is "poured" onto the surfaces and promptly withdrawn with a squeegee or rubber lip.

Tips & Tricks

If your natural stone species is one of the more insensitive varieties or is well impregnated, you can use caustic spirit to make careful cleaning attempts.

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