For the unobtrusive roof enlargement - the roof battens extension

The projection of the roof battens of an existing roof is not sufficient in all cases, if structural changes are made to the building. A typical example is the installation of a facade cladding over which the roof surface will extend in the future.

Statics must be checked

If a roof surface of a pitched roof is to be increased, without a roof battens extension, the complete exposure of the rafter fields lying on the edge can not be avoided. With subsequently to be installed roof battens extensions this effort can be avoided.

A decisive safety factor in the enlargement of a roof surface is the static stability of the retrofitted construction. The roof lath extension manufacturers, just like the roofers, follow the structural rules and calculate the possible roof overhang after installation.

The gutter extensions are in most cases profiled sheets in the form of the original roof battens. They are screwed onto the lath ends of the existing roof sides. Usually enough to remove a brick or shingle row.

Each gutter extension is screwed on at least one third of its total length on the existing roof battens. The leverage creates enough force to give the free-floating part enough stability to carry the extra roofing.

As a material for a roof batten extension corrosion-resistant galvanized steel is common, which has a low weight with sufficient stability. The standards should follow the DIN 1055 on the subject of load assumptions, in order to have a stable and durable roof batten extension even with later additional load such as snow or strong wind.

The roof battens extensions of most manufacturers are also available as a particularly large and durable battens connector. Usually they are sold in single unit sales without mounting accessories such as screws, in a box with ten or more individual pieces including the accessories.

Examples of prices

  • At roof lath extensions are offered as five-meter pieces for 3.21 euros.
  • At, individual products ranging in length from fifty centimeters to five meters can be found between just under three euros and up to twelve euros in the assortment.
  • The offers fifty and seventy centimeters long products between 4,40 and 6,25 Euro.

Tips & Tricks

Almost all suppliers and manufacturers offer a static inspection of the intended roof battens extension. Do not mount the strips without the test.

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