For a stable surface, wash the ceiling

A stable substrate is the most important prerequisite for repainting or wallpapering. If the ceiling is painted with old glue paint or a paint with low abrasion resistance, only manual washing is left. Even with nicotine soiled blankets must be pretreated accordingly.

How does the washing of the ceiling work?

Take a spatula, sponge and root brush to hand. Also, put a bowl of soap sheet on. Wet the ceiling thoroughly with soapy water and then fill with as much material as possible.

Then you must clean the ceiling with sponge and root brush until no more color remains to be seen. Circular motions help with the thorough removal of washable residues.

Wear the best hat and goggles for this job, as it will drain a lot of dirty water on you. Switch with another person because overhead work is very stressful.

Tips & Tricks

If the nicotine stains are not removed by washing, use a special barrier primer to prevent the stain from smearing through the new paint.

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