For maximum comfort: How to place your sofa correctly!

The couch plays a central role in the living room, because the residents tend to be mainly on this comfortable piece of furniture. That's why the correct placement of the sofa is so important, because after all, you want to always keep an eye on the most important areas! At the same time, of course, the seating furniture serves as a decorative ornament and should also fulfill its purpose in this regard.

What do you want to see from your sofa?

The first and most important question when placing the sofa in a suitable location in the room is the following: What do you want to see when sitting in your cozy favorite place? The TV? Or rather your beautiful green garden?

You can not move the panoramic windows to the garden, but maybe the TV, but in any case the sofa. From a corner sofa, you may even keep an eye on both, if you have the courage to change other furniture for the replacement of the couch.

These possibilities are to place a sofa

A couch does not always have to stand with its back to the wall, but that depends entirely on the size and the cut of the space used. These possibilities could also arise in your living room:

  • Place a low-back sofa in front of the window
  • Place couch and armchair around a table in the middle of the room
  • Corner sofa overlooking TV and panoramic windows
  • (obliquely) opposite the TV
  • with his back to a decorative room divider
  • use the couch as a room divider and align it to the window front

As you can see, there are many different creative ways to position a sofa, and there can be surprises! But make sure that the room is not too "full" with your solution.

For the sake of the sofa cover: avoid sun and heat

When placing your sofa, please also keep in mind that UV rays and heat can damage the cover. That is why it is important not to put the couch in the bright sun, but even in front of the heater makes no sense.

You should keep at least 20 cm away from any radiator so that the warm air can escape into the room. But even then, the heating power is already reduced a bit.

Tips & Tricks

Never place your sofa close to the wall, because there is always some moisture in the building fabric that has to escape. By a wall distance of 5 to 10 cm, make sure that no mold forms behind the couch.

Product Image: Zynatis / Shutterstock

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