In gutters pure zinc was replaced by titanium zinc

The material zinc has long been used as one of the most popular materials for the production of gutters and downpipes. Since the development of the alloy titanium zinc pure zinc is used less and less frequently. In addition to titanium zinc, the galvanizing of steel gutters is widespread.


The durability of pure zinc is estimated at gutters to around thirty years, with the durability of titanium zinc is at least forty years. The addition of titanium and copper enhance the desired natural properties of zinc.

The absence of corrosion makes zinc a common material for the sealing of steel and iron. Pure zinc is rarely used today because its critical properties are enhanced by the alloy without creating a large difference in price.

Zinc and titanium zinc

Gutters made of pure zinc are barely produced today. The properties of the starting material are improved by the alloy with titanium and copper.

  • The corrosion resistance increases and protects significantly longer against rust.
  • The zinc becomes less brittle, which increases the breaking strength and minimizes fine material cracks, for example due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Titanium zinc is much more mechanically resistant than pure zinc, which leads to a longer service life even for heavily used gutters.
  • The thermal expansion of zinc is reduced, which leads to a lower load on the gutters and a reduced use of expansion compensation elements.
  • Both on titanium zinc and on pure zinc forms the protective and additionally environmental influences defending patina.
  • The processing of zinc and titanium zinc is simple because it is easy to adjust due to its bendability and easy separability.

Examples of prices

Many manufacturers and traders offer zinc gutters, but in almost all cases they refer to their titanium zinc products. In addition to aluminum, titanium zinc belongs to the cheaper price group of materials from which gutters are made.

  • In almost all gutters made of titanium zinc move in the price range between nine and 15 euros per meter.
  • At, the 333 zinc gutter is available for around 22 euros per meter.
  • Zinc roof gutters starting at just under ten euros per meter are offered under

Tips & Tricks

Zinc chemically reacts with other metals. Therefore, you should avoid any contact with, for example, copper, also caused by running water, in your drainage system.

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