Indispensable for outdoor installation: frost-resistant tiles

The deciding factor that makes outdoor tiles frostproof is the degree of moisture absorption. Penetrated liquid can blow up the tile from the inside and break it. Stoneware falls outdoors, stoneware tiles are suitable and porcelain stoneware must be made frost-resistant.

Interplay of tile and installation

In order to create a frost-proof tile floor in the outdoor area, both the selection of the appropriate tiles and the professional installation must be guaranteed. Incorrectly laid frost-resistant tiles can be damaged in the same way as frost-resistant cold-sensitive tiles made of stoneware, for example.

The focus for achieving frost protection is water and moisture. On the one hand, it may only be absorbed by the tiles in little or no way, and the substrate and grouting must be made of frost-proof materials. A gradient guarantees the rapid outflow of rain and snow water.

Patterns and motifs with small mosaic tiles

Tiles made of porcelain stoneware can be frostproof, but lose their resistance to frost due to poor installation. Stoneware is frugal. For glazed surfaces, only use tiles of abrasion grade three or higher, otherwise the glaze may become permeable over the years. The abrasion classes are divided into five levels.

  • Class one for light loads such as wall coverings, bathrooms or rarely used rooms.
  • Class two for the normal living area except corridors and floorboards
  • Class three for busy corridors, floorboards, terrace and balcony.
  • Class four for outdoor areas such as house stairs, courtyards, kitchen and garden paths.
  • Class five for commercial use and extreme moisture exposure such as swimming pool borders or coastal outdoor areas.

Frost resistance included with stoneware

The price ranges for frost-resistant tiles made of stoneware correspond to the general product prices. For porcelain stoneware, the frost-proof versions are available from around forty euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Do not save on tiles that are to be laid outdoors. Your tiled floor is only as frost-resistant as the weakest link in the building materials - and that's often the case.

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