For a test report in court?

For a test report in court?: court

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I admit, the title sounds exaggerated, but it corresponds to the current facts and should also be thought-provoking. At least that's the case with me. So today I do not want to talk about something, but to discuss with you and to know your experiences.

I was inspired by a case that has been heavily picked up on Facebook, Google+ and Co. for some time now. I am not concerned with the case itself, but if you have not read it, here is a short summary:

The case fly screen!

A customer buys a fly screen at Amazon and cuts it (allegedly) according to instructions. Result - it is too small and therefore useless. Now he certainly annoyed he rated the seller negatively and said the manual was wrong. Pretty soon, the seller responded and insisted on removing the rating. What the customer, however, only admitted when he fluttered a declaration of omission for signature in the house and he should also bear the legal fees. He was not ready for this and switched on his legal expenses insurance.
Long was quiet and then came the hammer for our buyer. 70000 € (again in words: Seventy thousand euros) demanded the buyer as compensation for loss of earnings and money, which is still after his lock on Amazon. An agreement was and is not in sight. And even yesterday, the actual big day of hoped-for verdict, the action was dismissed only because of a form error. An end is not yet in sight.

How honest should a customer opinion be?

In the case, it's about a review on a sales portal, but basically that's true for us bloggers as well. Even if, like me, you do not run a test blog, you are interesting for companies and occasionally get test equipment available or even buy it yourself. Is this a risky undertaking and should you rather stay away from it? What can one write and what not? If you fly over the net, you can quickly read it out - as long as you do not spread lies or are insulting, you can speak your mind everywhere. Basically, the fly screen buyer did not do anything else. He was dissatisfied and has, to safely act correctly in the belief, represented his opinion. Something completely normal, what happens every day thousands of times. Now he is still in court and someone wants to have € 70,000 from him. That is certainly no longer commonplace.

Do you live as a blogger shortly before ruin?

What will become of us bloggers who regularly review articles and products? They even report in detail about each article and look for a good test report for errors in the product. Are we not allowed to test anything anymore? Do we have to put on the pink glasses when writing a test report or already start to save, in order not to be ruined in a negative test report? Our fly screen buyer was allegedly a mistake in the installation instructions. This can really be there, but you can also read something or misinterpret something. This has just happened to me and I will read it all three times before I tell the seller that he has a mistake in his instructions. I have already commented on a product with "not useful". Can I still do that?

What consequences do I draw as a blogger from it?

Honestly - I dont know. Of course, I hope that the story goes well for the buyer, after all, he has removed the rating, which is crucial for me. Nobody is perfect and I can make mistakes while testing too. Will it be pointed out to me, I correct it and present it correctly. But does that protect against a lawsuit?

What does your reader, blogger or Amazon reviewer think? Do you continue as before? Do you know how to protect yourself? Do not judge anymore.
Also for your own decision I would be interested in your opinion.

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