Make a forklift license - how does it work?

With a forklift license it is sometimes much easier to find a job in a warehouse. What you need to get the forklift license and what you need to bring with you, you will find in our article.

Official name

If you are looking for an apprenticeship for the forklift license, you have to search for the official name - it is Floor handling certificate.

It not only entitles the driver to drive and operate forklift trucks, but also to similarly used vehicles such as tugs or lorries. As a rule, however, you will usually have to drive ordinary forklift trucks in practice.

Prerequisite for obtaining

Under current laws, anyone who is at least 18 years old and has the requisite mental and physical aptitude for driving forklifts may purchase a forklift driver's license. This requires above all:

  • sufficiently good vision and hearing
  • mental fitness for the complexity of the task
  • successful occupational health check G25 (driving, control and monitoring activities)

Where to make forklift?

The forklift license can be purchased from DEKRA and TÜV, as well as from other instructors. These include, for example, the dealers of forklift trucks, who often also offer training. In addition, some other institutions also offer training.

training content

The training for the forklift license is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Both parts can be completed in a relatively short time, with some institutions such as DEKRA this is even possible within 2 - 3 days, as a rule the training lasts no longer than 5 days.

Theoretical contents

Here, above all, the rules play an important role:

  • Accident prevention regulations
  • safety
  • Basic operating instructions

In addition, equipment is taught, so you know the structure and operation of different stacker types. Important points are also the maintenance of the stability of the truck, the regular inspection obligations that apply to industrial trucks and the correct handling of loads as well as the technical basics of transporting loads.

Practical content

Here, especially the driving and the raising and lowering of loads is practically practiced. Likewise, attention is paid to the practical implementation of all safety guidelines and regulations on operational safety.


The examination takes place immediately after the training. In the theoretical part, the previously communicated contents are usually checked by means of a questionnaire; in the practical examination a professional handling of the forklift has to be proved.

Cost of training

As a rule, one has to reckon with relatively low costs for the forklift license: the training costs generally amount to around 100 to 150 EUR. The price may also decrease with some providers, if several persons of a company participate in the training.

Other vehicles

If you want to control other industrial trucks, you will need a separate instruction for specific vehicle types. If such an instruction has been completed successfully, it is always entered in the forklift license if it is an industrial truck.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who already has some driving experience, or has previous knowledge, which usually shortens the training period a little and the training can also be cheaper.

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