Formats of Porotonsteinen

The practical and especially light poroton stone is available in almost every desired format. However, should a measure not be available, you simply take an old foxtail and saw the right size yourself.

Planstein - Planplatte or Porotonziegel

From the material both Porotonziegel as well as levels are the same. The material Poroton is, however, also processed to the well-known gas concrete blocks, which are also basically the same.

Especially the low weight makes the stones so practical. Even larger plan blocks can usually still be processed by one person.

Formats of Porotonsteinen: formats

Variety of sizes in Porotonstein

The formats in which there are Porotonsteine, are extremely diverse. One could almost think that the manufacturers have exaggerated a bit. But as rarely anything has to be cut, the builder also has significantly less waste and thus saves considerably.

  • Height 25 centimeters
  • Length 62.5 centimeters
  • Strengths 5 / 7,5 / 10/12/15/20/25/30 centimeters

Other sizes for Porotonsteinen

As I said, there are numerous sizes, so here is just a small overview. The dimensions are given in centimeters.

  • Length 33.2
  • Length 39.9
  • Length 49.9
  • Length 59.9
  • Length 64.4
  • Height 19.9
  • Height 24.9
  • Width 17.5
  • Width 24
  • Width 30
  • Width 36.5

Tips & Tricks

If you have a crane at the construction site, you can also use significantly larger poroton elements. Depending on requirements, there are complete Poroton walls, which are specially made for specific construction projects.

Similar special sizes are often supplied for DIY kits. Under certain circumstances, however, they must still be poured with concrete inside.

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