Forming fiberglass often requires speed

A work piece or component made of GRP is produced from a castable viscous resin, in which fiber mats or fabric are inserted. Corresponding to the negative mold or the prototype, the bending of the viscous mass in all directions is possible.

In order to be able to carry out the layer-by-layer construction of GRP, even with stronger gradients and rounding off, it is necessary to work with precise dosages of the hardener to be added when mixing the resin. For good moldability during molding without too rapid drainage, the resin must be at the upper limit of the viscosity and still be processed.

As a result of the high-viscosity mixing, the pot life of the resin decreases and shortens the processing time of the material. The stronger GRP is to be formed, the faster the processing must be. In order to obtain an optimally durable structure or matrix, the individual layers should be laminated in one operation.

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