Foundation for the garden fence

Even for the garden fence, it is recommended to build this at least partially on a foundation. When you need which foundations for a garden fence, we have summarized for you.

Garden fence not equal to garden fence

The fencing of land or its subdivision by means of garden fences is widespread. However, there are a variety of fences:

  • chain link fences
  • Wooden fences (palisade to hunter fence)
  • corrugated iron fences
  • Plastic fences

The most common is probably the taut wire mesh fence. Therefore, we also want to derive the possible foundations from this fence shape.

The chain link fence is also popular because it is relatively light. It quickly comes to the thought that this fence could get along with an alternative to the foundation. In fact, that's possible. But then the conditions really have to be right. Because despite the low weight should not be underestimated that the tension of the fence fields exerts force on the fence posts.

Foundations for the garden fence

However, it is therefore also possible to choose between two foundations: either the strip foundation or point foundations. The strip foundation is cast in principle on the exact floor plan of the later fence. This is advantageous if the foundation is to act like a raised pedestal.

However, the point foundation is rather common. The individual point foundations need only be created where the posts for the fence are set. This not only reduces working hours considerably. Also the material costs sink considerably. You can either use anchors (pipes with anchors) immediately and pour them into the fresh foundation or screw them in afterwards with appropriate dowels.

Further requirements for the fence foundation

Even if it is "only" a fence, this foundation should be frost-free in any case. Really every foundation should be laid frost-proof; So the strip foundation as well as the dot foundations. However, under the point foundations not necessarily a ballast layer is required.

Corner posts for the garden fence

In order to set the point foundations correctly, you need the information of the fence manufacturer about the post distances. Keep in mind that corner posts are often equipped with two diagonal support struts, which can either be fixed on a foundation or in the ground. So, if you choose dot foundations, you may still need strip foundations at the corners.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, here in the house journal you will also receive various guides and instructions for creating foundations.

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