Foundation for a garden shed

If you want to build a garden house, you have to think in advance to the right foundation. The garden house will stand on the substructure later and use the foundation equally as a floor slab, but also as protection against the wetness from the ground. All the more should the focus be on the right foundation, with equal emphasis on all relevant criteria. In order to still use low prices and not pay too much for the foundation, you can use the price comparison and find out about which provider to get the materials for a foundation particularly favorable.

Different foundations for different soil reasons

In order to choose the suitable foundation, one should have knowledge about the ground. If the construction site is heaped up, it must be checked for density. Also the height of the humus layer above the original soil is crucial for the decision for a foundation. You can make the foundation aboveground, but also partially or completely into the ground. In places with a high groundwater level, problems can arise with a buried foundation if the groundwater continues to rise due to heavy rains and could thus penetrate the house via the foundation. In most cases a screed foundation will be poured. This is not only very affordable, but also easy to perform in-house. With craftsmanship, the right tool and the knowledge of the ground at the construction site, the foundation will be professional and can be realized without cracks.

The foundation as a basis for the garden shed

The size of the later garden house to be built must also be included in the foundation. So that the foundation is not too small or too large, the house type for the garden house should already be known and chosen. The best way to design the construction project and create a calculation of all the necessary details and criteria. The conception does not take a lot of time, but protects against mistakes in the construction and therefore unnecessary costs. In a small and not heavy garden house you can also make a foundation of slabs and apply these on the ground above ground. Here, however, a pile should be made so that the plates do not sink and thus favor an uneven and less suitable foundation.

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