Make a foundation for the garden house itself

Building a garden shed is a classic activity for savvy home improvement. However, the garden shed should be placed on a foundation. Of course, you can also build this foundation yourself. How to make a foundation for your garden house in detail itself, you can read here.

Determining the concrete requirements for the foundation for the garden shed

First, you must know the requirements exactly. Because not every foundation is equally well suited. Which foundation is suitable for your garden house depends on various factors:

  • Density of the soil
  • Weight of the garden house (carrying capacity of the foundation)
  • any wind loads that caused the garden shed

The suitable foundations for a garden shed

If it is just a greenhouse, which is built with films or lightweight acrylic glass, point foundations may well be sufficient. For heavy garden houses made of glass, however, a circumferential strip foundation is generally better suited.

On the other hand, you do not need a record foundation. In addition, then the soil remains open in the garden house, if you want to have the planting area connected directly to it. Then only smaller concrete slabs for the walking area are created - or alternatively paved.

To ensure frost resistance even when laying foundation for greenhouse

Like any other foundation, the strip foundations for your garden shed should be at least 80 cm deep. Only then is it guaranteed that the garden shed is standing on a frost-proof foundation. In some regions, where it can be particularly cold in winter, it may even be necessary to found the garden house foundation 1.20 to 1.50 m deep.

The construction of the strip foundation for your garden shed

For strip foundations, the foundations are first excavated. Then the soil (the sole) has to be compacted. On sandy or loose ground, at least lateral formwork must also be installed. The gravel layer with a grain size of 16/32 should be between 10 and 20 cm high.

Waiting time before the actual building of the greenhouse

On the compacted gravel is now a waterproof film. Only now can the steel mesh mats be laid out and the foundations cast. After pouring the concrete foundations you have to compact them. Then allow the foundations to set for at least two to three weeks before starting the actual construction of the garden shed.

Tips & Tricks

Of course, we also offer you further information and building instructions for building a garden shed. Since there are different types of greenhouses, we also offer you here various guides and instructions.

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