Cast the foundation for the lift

Foundations are needed for a wide variety of constructions and construction projects. So also when setting up a lift. How to pour the foundation for a lift, you can read in the following instructions.

The task of foundations

Foundations are important for a wide variety of construction projects. Depending on the project, they fulfill different requirements:

  • stable ground
  • high load capacity
  • simultaneous distribution of acting loads
  • possibly the sealing of the substrate

The suitable foundation for a lift

Also for lifts foundations are needed. They can also have different shapes. Slab foundations are just as suitable as strip foundations if they are correctly sized. In addition, in addition to the load and the weight of the lift must be considered.

Quality of the concrete

All these points testify to the quality of the concrete. This data in its entirety can be found in the guide for foundations for lifts in detail. Therefore, we have created a general guide to pouring a foundation for lifts.

Required quantities and dimensions of the foundation

The concrete quantities, for example for mixing concrete and dimensions, can be found in the already mentioned guide. In addition, many manufacturers of lifts in their instructions also inform about the requirements of the foundation.

Step-by-step instructions for casting a foundation for a lift

  • Cement, sand, gravel and water for the concrete mix
  • welded wire mesh
  • possibly gravel or gravel for the dry layer (graining 16/32)
  • Foil for sealing between ballast and foundation
  • empty pipes for electrical installation
  • Heavy duty dowel or fixing anchor
  • hydraulic ramp
  • Tool for concrete mixing
  • Tool for distributing and smoothing the foundation
  • Tool for compacting the foundation
  • possibly machines for lifting the foundation
  • sheathing boards
  • Guideline (Schnoorüst) for even foundation (at the slab foundations)

1.) Prepare the foundation

First, the excavation must be made. Depending on the installation site, the foundation must be frost-proof. How strong the foundation should be, depends on the weight of the later lift and the shape of the foundations (strip or slab foundation). In addition, if necessary, a gravel or gravel layer must be introduced and compacted. Accordingly, it is to dig deep.

2.) Formwork of the foundation

After the excavation is completed, the foundation is turned on. On this occasion, also for the exact (level) creation of the foundation a Schnoorüst can be created. How to build a formwork yourself, you can read here.

3.) Prepare Foundation Foundation

Now the gravel layer is introduced and compacted. Then this is sealed with the film. Afterwards you can lay the construction steel mat. The empty tubes are now inserted and fixed.

4.) Pour the foundation for the lift

After completing this work, you can start mixing the concrete. Pour the concrete into the formwork. Finally, the concrete is compacted and smoothed.

5.) Building the lift

The concrete now needs at least 28 days for hardening and setting. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions, this period may also be prolonged. It may also be useful to cover the young concrete.

After this time, the heavy duty dowels are set. Now the lift can be set up. Observe their torques when tightening the screws.

Tips & Tricks

Further information on hardening and drying of the concrete can be found here.

Product Image: Pakorn Jarujittipun / Shutterstock

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